October 09, 2020

Hounds & A Dog Hang Out

I can't put my finger on it but for some reason I have been extremely lazy lately and that has rubbed off on the hounds and a dog. They have become just as lazy as I have. I check my vital signs on my iWatch, take my blood twice in a day and find nothing out of the ordinary. Has tv and radio media wore me down with political bullshit making me feel this way? Or is it the China virus  after seven months of more media bullshit? I even pulled out a bike the other day to go riding and turned around at the end of the block. Stella doesn't take walks everyday like she use to and Henry is just a bit to small to try the .62 mile walk.

At first I thought I was seeing the waterfall in a time of year it would be impossible. As I blew up the photo is was only the rock I was seeing, center of the photo. 

Temps are dropping into the high 80s for the next few days. We are not as hot as Tucson but since January 1, they have had 107 days above 100° shattering all time records. I had a 10mph breeze today, but it was a warm breeze ... had to turn on the AC. Consequently Heidi has not moved from her bed in the bedroom where it's dark with the blinds drawn to keep out the southern sun.

Deep thought ... too bad I didn't get the image centered when I took the picture.

This afternoon I moved my famous patio chair, the one I bought only as a temporary solution 16 months ago, out to the middle of the yard to see what my view would be like if I built a patio out there. I would be able to see around the small tree. Here is the view sitting while sitting in that chair at ground level.

Looking back into the sun the photo is not the best but still captures what Henry is about to do.

If I didn't know any better I'd think that Stella is missing her friend, the doberman. Quite a shock to hear that my neighbors have separated and he took his dog with him. It's been pretty quiet lately without the watchdog doberman around. I wondered what was going on.

See how much nicer the photo looks taking the photo from the opposite side of Henry?

These are photos from the other night. Henry is really growing fast, getting longer, as well as his personality becoming more obvious.

Living back in 'the tropics' I never thought I would be waking up every day just as the sun was coming up. Seeing this most days makes getting up really early that much easier. 

This gives a good idea how fast Henry is growing. He will not fit under the coffee table much longer.

Walter enjoys anytime he can get a break from Henry and catch some afternoon sleep. 

Well well well ... look who is asking to break the house rules and get up on the couch.

I have been having a lot of thoughts about the political circus and thought about blogging about them like I did a few years ago. I also thought about going back to being 'transparent' as they say but I stopped doing that after a short trial back in 2018/2019, just after the change of the new year. I don't have the energy to argue, to back up what my opinion is, and I am not really open minded enough to do the old favorite "agree to disagree" ... let's just say between politics and the virus, my list of friends has decreased this past year.

More than anything though I wish I could get out of the funk I have seem to have been in for months. My drives in the VWs are short, the dog walks are infrequent as are the hikes as is riding the bikes. I buy food then would prefer to eat something else. I want to go somewhere but then don't know where. It's interesting.

The best part never changes ... there is nothing better than laying in the middle of the computer room floor and let two puppies and two dogs smother me wanting all the attention, to play, or to wrestle. It's probably good they don't have the virus eh?

No worries ... days are always good in the 'Wild West'.

Oh ... almost forgot ... I was moving last month or two, had bought a house and had sold my house because I was tired of the barking dog next door and the small four yapping dogs down the street that 'attacked' everyone that walked by their house ... well in 8 days, the family down the street took their kids and their dogs and moved back to Tucson. The dog next door I told you about in this post. Funny how things work out sometimes.


  1. Amazing how the dog situations worked out and you were not the "bad guy" as nature took it's course.

    Between politics and the virus, I think it can be a downer at times. Have a friend who lives on their own with their puppy and they are struggling. I am very grateful to enjoy making quilts for the local foster kids, new residents at our local assisted living and Quilts of Valor for veterans. Keeps me busy/productive and brings a little sunshine into the lives of those needing it.

    Great photos as always and as always that Henry is just the cutest.

    1. It's interesting to hear that about your friend. I have a friend in Phoenix that is single and has been working from home since March and has the same kind of feelings. I am use to living isolated so it is a little surprise to me the small things I catch since March. Hard to believe some things in this new life are not going to change. Busy/Productive is good. Henry is going to be and is a good basset hound ... getting more obnoxious by the day.

  2. Love your dog pics. Thank you.

    1. thanks ... I will pass that along to them. :)

  3. There have been times in the past, and probably will be in the future, when I have pulled back from most the things I normally enjoy and become unhappy with myself for making up excuses in order to avoid even the normal chores and slug-out instead.

    When that happens I've found that if I force myself to "make an appointment" to do one small and simple thing from my list of "used to likes" or even my list of chores, it can help kick-start me back to "Hey, this is fun, or satisfying, I wonder why I stopped".

    For me mornings are my most productive and creative times so I make the appointment for then.

    1. Interesting you suggested that. I didn't see it until now a little over 2 hours later. I did that at 8:05 and got my 64 panel van to start (jumped it) then drove it. Walked over to the mailbox cluster and picked up a week of mail. Then went to #2 on my list of things to do ... so maybe just maybe I can continue the momentum from this morning.

  4. that is exactly what depression is but sounds like a mild case. So many of us are in the same boat. Try to find some place to volunteer. How about listening to kids read at a local school? They could use a man mentor.

    Henrys feet are ginormous. How big do bassets get?

  5. Although our city mayor has taken away the mask mandate from the governor, schools are open only part time with only students and staff allowed at the schools. Most of the non-profit organizations have not reopened yet due to the governors mandate. So volunteer work is at a standstill right now. I do follow a couple of city Facebook pages to keep up on the latest news and if there are places that need some help. Good ideas, thanks. I expect Henry will definitely be in the 65 pound range but no taller than 12-13 inches. If you look at Winston's photos, I think Henry will be slightly bigger than Winston.