October 27, 2020

The Puppies Are Diggers

I'm sitting here tonight a little before midnight and the temperature for the first time this fall has dropped below 50° ... It's 37°. It's actually pretty nice the times I have  stood outside in my cargo shorts with bare feet while the hounds and the dog take their last trip outside. See those two right there? They are giving me a run for my money. They are puppies and they are quite the team. From now on when they do things together they will be called "the boys".

With the great weather lately, any time I leave the house all the hounds and the dog get to stay outside. That's where they want to be but I am not sure how many more times I can fill this hole by raking the rocks back to where they were. 

It was easy to find out which puppie did it ... Henry had a nose covered in dirt and Walter had both front toenails covered with dry Arizona clay. Of course they acted as if I did not know what I was talking about when they heard about it.

They all look so innocent when I leave. Yet the puppies get bored. Every dog toy you see in the yard is taken outside by Henry throughout the day. That is just a few of the them. I think I counted 9 different dog toys I carried back inside tonight.

Of course digging through Arizona clay that is as hard as concrete is hard work ... they sleep well at night.

It's that time of year where the sunrises are at their best.

By mistake I loaded all the photos at one time a different way and it turned out to be much easier to work with putting the post together.

The past 5-6 days I have been reading a lot about diets, heart disease, arteries, saturated fat, cholesterol, etc. The only thing I can believe, since there is so much "proven" information out there ... is the way I feel when I eat certain foods. The next appointment I have with my cardiologist in February to review my bloodwork from December and an echocardiogram in January will probably be my last if the gap of the aortic valve continues to be the same size.

As far as the bloodwork every year ... I will keep doing that because I believe that is the true way to know how good your health is. Plus I can input data from that blood report into the spreadsheet from year to year to compare the numbers.

No worries, everything is good. I've lost count of how many doctors I have told since September 2019, "when I have the symptoms I'll call you to replace the valve, until then I am not changing a thing. Honestly I've been born with it IMO.

Cold front tomorrow night with frost warnings, then it will get back to normal again. I will wait a couple of days before I buy the new plants for the pots.

I can hear Walter snoring two rooms down from me ... so all is good in the "Wild West".


  1. The boys are just trying to get started in the landscape design business. They hear you mentioned getting some plants and are just trying to help you out with the digging portion of the project.

    Regarding your aortic valve, you are smart to just keep track of how it is doing before rushing into surgery. My husband had an issue with his aortic valve and his doctors monitored it for several years before it was determined it had to be replaced. Back then it was a huge surgery, not like it is today.

    Love the sunrise photos. We have had horrible winds since yesterday. Big fire down in Orange County right now. It's that time of year in SoCal.

    1. When living in Carlsbad I remember those fall Sant Ana's. I brought some plants home yesterday but all at high elevation until I finalized my plan. LOL

  2. Oh my gosh, Henry is growing like a weed!!!

    1. There are time I can see him growing by the hour.

  3. "The Boys" gave the Admirer a HUGE laugh! He LOVED you calling them "The Boys" and he was telling me the story in sign language how "the boys" were busy digging. His story telling had me laughing, and so I came by to read and I laughed all over again. "The Girls" are at least getting a bit of break while "The Boys" keep themselves busy exploring the Arizona clay. Henry is getting so big... my oh my is he ever a beautiful puppy and so is Mr. Walter...

    1. Henry is going to be a big basset just like I thought, his dad Fred was huge. Walter is so heavy right now, with that short body I cannot lift him up. The vet will have to do that in his next appointment in 3 months. I am glad "the Admirer" enjoyed.

  4. Diggers, but so lovable!-Mary