October 03, 2020

Henry's Controlled Environment Working

It was quite a surprise how good the new "controlled environment" went for Henry on Friday. He did not have the run of the backyard nor did Walter. I was back to the way I use to train puppies, especially those only 12 weeks old. Once they eat, wake up from a nap or stop after playing hard ... I opened the patio door and he or they went outside. Just like he was taught before I bought him, he peed immediately. But this wasn't so much about house training but prevention of destroying my yard with his digging. I wanted to control what he did in the backyard.

It's rare that I can catch the sunshine like this to the east. I almost miss it while pouring morning kibble for the hounds and a dog.

A flash was used because it was dark outside but here is Henry waiting while I pour the morning kibble into four different food bowls for their breakfast a little before 5:30am.

After their breakfast they like to explore the yard. I stood on the patio drinking coffee and watching Henry especially to see if he was going back to the "scene of the crime" where he was digging like a madman just a day before.

Not sure what that his stare is about, maybe a low flying bird or he might be a cloud watcher and I don't know it yet.

Once Walter saw Henry in the danger zone, he watched intently, not moving but ready to correct him if needed.

I stood and waited ... there it was ... just starting to dig ... I yelled his name "Henry"

He knew he wasn't supposed to be doing that and turned immediately toward my voice and came back inside like he had been caught doing nothing.

Later in the day when it was getting cooler and I was so close of finishing March 2019 uploading the missing photos ... the hounds and a dog needed to get outside and I didn't have time to watch them, so this was the only solution I could think off as a temporary fix.

Heidi was still trying to figure out what all the excitement was since she has never been a digger nor has she ever destroyed anything when left alone in the house. The perfect house hound.

Late afternoon as the sun is setting. I caught Henry waiting and looking for his new friend. The doberman puppy next door. Henry will actually stand against the wall to try to touch the doberman when it's looking over the wall.

He was great in the yard alone late afternoon. I saw no signs of digging as I walked around the yard. This is something he has done since his first day here ... he likes to sleep while partially on something higher rather than just laying flat on the floor.

By Friday night they were all finished and ready to sleep. I was still updating posts and was making great progress. I wasn't going to be able to finish on Friday night but I would be pretty close. On average it took 15-18 minutes per post. That included listing the image file names on paper, uploading the images from my computer file to a folder on my desktop to export to Blogger, then reading each post one by one in the HTML format and plugging in the missing image. Save it, look it over and move on to the next one.

I was so close to finishing on Saturday morning that I got an early start and finished the month of April 2019 by 8:39am on Saturday. After I post this post that I am writing I can finally get back to normal living. I still took time out to get on the floor surround by all the hounds and the dog to play, wrestle and give attention to them all at once a couple of times per day this week. I was surprised how Heidi would get in the middle of me and Walter while we were doing some pretty agressive wrestling. He is getting bigger and stronger.

Yes, he sleeps with his tongue out most of the time. Common with bulldogs from what I see on the Facebook group.
I uploaded over 4,700 images for the posts I transferred last year in early 2019 from Wordpress to Blogger. I had to do this same process then but the big mistake was deleting this blog a few weeks ago. When I uploaded the backup file luckily it had all those post but of course the images were gone again since there was not an image file to attach too.

As far as the drive by shooting the other day in the middle of the day on one of the main streets in town ... nothing official but word was those two had been going at each other for a long time. It just wasn't a random act. The shooter had been released from jail in August for assault and battery. I heard on talk radio yesterday that for towns over 20,000 people the FBI labeled Tucson as the most dangerous. I did not hear if that was just for Arizona, the southwest or nationwide.

Speaking of talk radio. I've listened more this past week while editing the blog posts than I ever have but one thing was noticeable when changing stations ... every channel was on a commercial  break ... tv same way.

Well I need to get to my new list of "to do" since it's Saturday. I just noticed what day it was in the upper right of my computer monitor. I think I am going to take a day off from any list and go for a hike.

It's nice to get back to living here in the "Wild West".


  1. Congrats on getting your posts set up like you want them. Personally I could never do this - just not a tech person but have great admiration for those who do.

    The little Henry is such a character and oh those eyes - just can't get over how adorable he is.

    BTW, the painters finished yesterday and did an outstanding job! Very please with the crew and how everything on the check list was taken care of. Several neighbors have already commented on how much they like the new color scheme which was certainly nice to hear.

    1. Lot of work but well worth it. Now all the posts will have their original photos back in most of 2019. He is definitely a character and has now started to pick on Stella since he can reach the bottom of her ears if he can stand a little or jump.. Good to hear about the successful paint job. I like changing house colors occasionally. I painted mine two different colors in the 22 years I lived there. I like to roll and brush outside but most spray around here.