October 01, 2020

Henry Likes To Dig

Well Blogger was good for one night I guess but today we are back to the screwed up way of blogging. I hate it. I am even using Google Chrome as a browser because Blogger is owned by Google. Shouldn't that count for something? Beautiful sunrise today as each is different but rarely a bad one happens down here. A few surprises today and one was not what I was wanting to see.

If you remember a few nights ago I blogged about the house I sold on contract back in Indiana. I went against my gut feeling but those I talked to around town at time told me he was a good man to deal with. Well I found out today from a local contractor that has actually walked through the house since it was sold, told me it is in the condition today that I said it was the other night. The owner/buyer is lying to me once again. But like he said, "I've sold two houses on contract and will never do it again because there is nothing you can do when things go bad, you are out of control".

In a small town contractors know different contractors in the remodeling business. He feels that I'll have the house back in my possession by this winter when work slows to a standstill or is at least reduced a lot. This buyer that I am dealing with is not good with finances. Good builder, quality work but a nightmare when it comes to handling finances. So, yes the house is tore apart, no it does not have a furnace installed, yes the carport is filled and packed with building materials, yes the yard is mowed on a regular basis, it's dry and fixable on the inside. It is NOT livable nor rentable. So we will see what happens in the future.

When you have two puppies that are used to playing early in the morning while you are on the computer with your morning coffee, that is usually a little noisy. When it's too quiet that raises curiosity but when one of the puppies is sleeping under your desk chair, then you know something is wrong. I walked quietly, picked up my camera and was ready to shoot as soon as I looked around the corner of the patio. Henry saw me and trotted away in the opposite direction so at least he knew he was in trouble and out of camera range.

Henry likes to dig. I don't know if there is gold under the ground around here but there is something he likes that he can't get to. Just by saying his name, he headed for the house on his own as I put the plastic back where it belonged and covered it with rock.

See those four blocks, that is where Walter was digging when he was the same age as Henry back in June. I have more block but would rather they stop digging. So ... my new way to train puppies, at least Henry, was stopped today. It was totally opposite of the ways I trained my past puppies.

We moved to a "controlled environment" today, which I hate to do. I hate to decrease their freedom to go in and out as they want but I am not going to have my yard dug up. 
Of course when you turn around and see this kind of view, that kind of takes the sting out of the torn plastic and the digging Henry had done. It was going to be another beautiful day here in the southwest. So what about that 'controlled environment'?

The patio door was closed and they would only go out when they wanted to but with me in attendance. I searched every room for all those chew toys I had in stock. I found most of them under the bed, under the couch, under the coffee table. A digging dog is a bored dog ... so now I had some ammunition to keep those puppies busy. They were happy to see the bone they fight over, but out of all the new chew toys I bought when I bought Walter, plus the new toys that came with Henry and the old toys from all the way back to Winston and Sadie ... the one chew toy they went to .... an empty 12oz Gatorade bottle with the cap on it.

Henry thought the safest place for that was in the backyard. Off he went with Walter following. Walter didn't try to take it from him though, he had been distracted with something else. I stood far away in the kitchen to see where they would go and what they would do. If they started digging, they would be back inside. That didn't happen though. They were good and chewed the empty plastic bottle. 

Heidi needed some peace while sleeping or trying to sleep on her bed ... so I closed that door to keep the puppies out. They are quite the pair and really, about what I expected even though they are different breeds. They are male puppies.

Not touched today ... 

Walter will be 8 months old tomorrow.

Henry felt the best way to keep control of the bottle, was to curl up next to it and sleep the rest of the morning off.

So the door has been closed for hours while I continue to add photos to those 2019 posts. All the hounds and the dog are sleeping, things are going smoothly with the new controls in place. Yet, I know they need a little freedom, so let's see what they do. I opened the patio door and walked back to the computer room.

They wanted to see if Stella was okay. NO digging was evident but they were wondering what was up with the big bloodhound. She was getting some nap time in under the morning sun before it would be too hot for her.

I spent the day updating posts back in March 2019, taking breaks, watched a little baseball and had lunch. Then I had the return call from the contractor back in Indiana. I tend to believe what he told me compared to what the buyer of my house told me on Tuesday night. He and I agree on what kind of person he is and it proves my gut feeling was correct. The buyer knows how to "play the system" because he has all of his life so there isn't much I can do except let time take care of itself.

Once again while seeing the photos I was uploading, I saw a lot of snow, a lot of cold weather, a -2° temperature, flooding rain and I was happy to step outside here on break and feel the hot sunshine at 4,600' with a bright blue sky. Henry likes sleeping with his back against something most of the time and his head curled around whatever is supporting his back.

I tried to get Stella to go on a walk this morning but this is all she wanted to do. Usually when she sees me pull out the retractable leash, she is excited to go, but not lately. She does know when she is suppose to get one of the soft chews for her joint supplement and looks forward to those. Do they taste good or help her hips or both?

Heidi did not like me waking her up this afternoon when taking her photo. I am making good headway on the blog posts editing but it is a very slow process. I know I can take some time off and do a little at a time but I always find that hard to do. Always have. So the sooner I can complete that project the best it will be. Then I can get back outside and enjoy this weather to the fullest.

It was beautiful in the "Wild West" again today.


  1. So sorry you are experiencing the problems with the Indiana property, especially with you being at such a disadvantage being in the Wild West. Little pups love to dig and sometimes big pups do too. My Maddie (Yellow Lab) all of a sudden decided that digging big holes between the Mountain Laurel hedge and a short retaining wall was the best use of her time. I don't know how much I paid the yard fellow to pick up and place good size rocks along the area to stop her. Always something.