October 22, 2020

We Have Another Bulldog!!

Well it's been a busy week and I have been able to drive both VWs out of town. During my drive back from Love's Truck Stop by I-10 and Hwy 90 on Tuesday, I was almost to Hwy 82 north of Huachuca City when I see Santa Fe Arts & Patio Furniture on my right. The driver behind me probably didn't like it but I took almost an immediate right hand turn and didn't have time to turn on a turn signal. I great inventory to look at. I had never seen the place with inventory until then or I was blind in my previous trips.

I knew that I would be back as soon as I could because I already had some ideas for a while. Of course which size? What would be too heavy for me since I an not suppose to lift heavy items. Plain or colorful designs? Iron fixtures? Too much inventory to even decide in one trip.

I've been wanting to put a small potted plant to use for my patio door stop but his was even better. Not a lot of color but more than what I have, which is pretty bare besides the bloodhound inside on the end table.

Heavy enough to hold the door open, light enough to scoot with my foot with little effort.

Henry is growing up toooo fast.

It was our fourth day in a row without having to turn on the air conditioner. Stella is protesting by panting whenever I am around, but I'm holding my ground.

I had a 1pm appointment to get a new windshield for my Camaro that I bought just last week. What I nor the salesman saw was s pretty good size crack which happened to be under their large paper listing specs and options. Luckily that was moved to a different day. I had time to take the '59 VW truck out for a short trip ... 

I knew early this morning I wanted to take both VWs on short trips. Huachuca City, maybe Tombstone. I did both of those trips but I didn't make it to Tombstone nor did I head that way. I drove one around the by-pass and the truck I drove to Huachuca City to pick up some pots.

Stella digs in that corner to lay day in the cool dirt. This week I have left it as is instead of moving the rock back to where it was. I thought about putting a large pot there with different plants. She would probably dig around the pot though.  LOL

Definitely a large pot in this corner. I'm not sure I can carry the size of pot I'd like to put there.

I ended up with two pots, one for the front porch and one in back. The wall piece will for the wall the door opens again. Again, a little more color than I presently have.

It's not going to be big enough is it? I'll go back tomorrow and get bigger pots and then move this to a different spot, front or back.
This is our second bulldog. I saw him as I was walking to my my VW truck just  before I paid for the other stuff. I couldn't resist. I just need a basset hound statue now.

Of course the hounds and the dog had to check him out. Walter ran away from him at first a little scared. He literally slowly creeped up to him to check him out.
I think I will keep him on the corner of the patio fulltime to keep the coyotes away at night. I wonder if he has a good bark?

I still have not made it to the store and haven't felt like grocery shopping so right after this I am going to place an online order for delivery tonight. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already but I've gotten a lot done.

I'm going to go hang my wall ornament. {After seeing the photo after I hung it, I need to color that screw a different color} I have already voted. I filled the ballot out and dropped it off in the secure box inside city hall. I wasn't in the mood to stand in line to vote this year on election day. Bigger city longer wait compared to 'the tropics" of southern Indiana in 2016.

Planting flowers and plants tomorrow, maybe more pots to buy. Our town of 44,000+ people have gone from 0 to 6-10 over the past few weeks (no mask mandate by mayor last month) to 17 positive virus cases as of this past Tuesday. Hmmmm .....

0.00038636% chance of being positive tested or not tested. Sorry but I am still not buying into the hype. It's all about politics and all about money. I have a better chance of catching a common cold.

A great day here in the 'Wild West'.


  1. HaHa, I thought you had another real bulldog. I don't buy the virus hype either. - Mary

  2. Just check what you plant that it isn't harmful to dogs. Those are beautiful pots.

    1. Russ told me a couple last year, after I posted some plants that I liked on our dog walk. I will be sure to check that out. It's a great place. I need to go without a billfold.

  3. On the new bulldog, paint those teeth white. He looks like Walter.

    1. Not until you mentioned the teeth did I see them. Had to look close. That's a great idea.

  4. Love the photos of everyone checking out the new edition to the family. Great idea to paint the teeth white. Now you will have to give it a name.

    I voted tonight and will drop my ballot off at our Library tomorrow when I run my errands for the week.

    Pots and the wall art are nice additions for your yard.

    1. While thinking of painting the teeth last night I decided I would bring the brown down over his eyes to just above his nose like Walter. Not sure of a name yet. I know I have to take a second look at times wondering if Walter is still outside at night. I was or am wanting to add some color. More to come.