February 02, 2023

A Good Day For The Hounds And Dog


Google is up to its old tricks again reversing the order of my photos no matter how I load them. It takes too long to load them per content so I have always loaded them all at once, and type between them. So I will think in reverse order as I write. It's been a really good day for the new bloodhound and it's only 2:15pm local time. All four of them are in a deep sleep with Walter snoring loud from his spot in the computer room. Here you can get a better idea just how tall a bloodhound is.

For the action shots in the last post earlier today, I had to pull the Nikon D3500 off the shelf, take off the lens cap and use it. I used the Tamron 18-200mm so I could get close ups and fit all of them inside my picture frame. Earlier today after their wrestling match out on the frozen yard, the house was quiet ... too quiet if you no what I mean. Yet I found all of them relaxing. Walter had stepped out from his sleep to see what I was doing because that is what English Bulldogs do.

I've noticed Samson likes to sit on that couch and look out the windows from there. He was doing that today when the FedEx driver stepped on the porch to put my delivery in front of the door. Not a sound. In fact I didn't even know the driver had been there until I went outside to get the mail. THAT is a really good sign.

Lunch was fed around 12:30pm. That's normal for the hounds and dog that I had before the new arrival. I was told that Samson likes to eat late in the afternoon or early evening. I thought I would see what happens today .. as I was pouring kibble into Henry, Watson's and Walter's bowls, Sampson wanted his too. He ate all of his lunch like the others and went straight outside with the others as they are trained to do after they eat. Henry was still looking for ice. 

Samson had found ice and was chomping on that like Henry does. Watson doesn't know what to do with it when he puts ice in his mouth.

They cruised the yard, did what they had to do and then came back inside to sleep after they had ice. Oh ... I put them back outside when I heard the neighbor. I wanted to 'warn' her of the new addition. She likes dogs, saw both of them standing at the fence staring at her. 

Walter likes the new big hound. He has already jumped and grabbed his jowls to let Samson know he is "down here". He also doesn't mind that Samson is now eating in the same room as he does. 

Can you tell which is which ???

That's Samson. This morning when I had both bowls of food in the mudroom I thought it was Samson chowing down on his food although I was told he was a slow eater. Not until I saw the collar did I realize it was Watson eating Samson's food. That is when I decided I had to feed him in a different room. 

I am still keeping my eye out for his "bad side" that I have been told about. I have yet to see any signs of that. I thought it might happen at feeding time or after I sat a new bowl of water down, or when they're playing with the same toy ... but nothing bad, all good friends.

After the blog post before this one, they were in a deep sleep around 10am. Samson was back on "his" new love seat in the living room.

Walter has always been the thinker and head of the household. I wonder if he is putting together some new strategies for the four dog lineup.

To start the day they played inside right after Watson decided that it was finally time to accept the new bloodhound instead of walking around with a lowered tail and a droopy head and his eyelids barely open. A sure sign that his feelings were hurt with the new addition. That is Samson wanting Henry to play with him. In that asking to play position, if he doesn't get a response you will hear a loud deep bloodhound bark.

Watson and Samson chased each other around the two couches. Taking turns with who had the rope bone. That is when I knew Watson was back to normal.

Walter likes to get more sleep after he eats breakfast yet he is the first one up, waking all of us up with his loud snorting, clearing his sinuses, smacking his jaws ... just normal things a bulldog likes to do after they wake up.

Unless I add more photos after his ... It was a really good day here in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana.


  1. Nice that everyone is getting along. I used to cover my sofa with an old sheet tucked in for the girls to lay on and keep the sofa nice.

    1. I was going to try a fleece blanket I have that I bought for Heidi years ago. The owner told me it would be 50/50 if he tore it off or not. He might chew it but would not eat it like Watson did his blanket a couple of years ago. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. If Watson and Samson didn't have their collars on, could you tell them apart? Any different markings that help? The other hounds you've had did look different, even if the coat coloring was similar. But these guys look like identical twins....lol

    1. Just this morning I was able to tell them apart when one walked in my computer room. Their eye lids are different, Samson's lids droop more. Otherwise out in the yard ... I need to see the collars. They do look like twins. Samson's face is a little wider but not enough to notice when they are playing or chasing each other. Yes, Stella and Sadie looked much different with both being "red" bloodhounds.

  3. Above comment was from "Bethers." For some reason I'm not able to comment with my Google account on this blog anymore. Also noticed you are getting more anonymous comments as well.

    1. I can't figure out Google. One day things work, others something new is always not working. Like the past few days if I read the blog there is not a pencil icon to click at the bottom of the post to edit the post. I now have to go into the dashboard all the time to edit after I post something. Yet on my private Google Blogger blog, the pencil is still there. Let me check my settings to see if something has changed for comments.

    2. I do not see any setting for people that comment except the three choices where I choose to let everybody comment. I'll do some searching for that problem's solution while I wait for the temp to get warmer.

    3. Suggested to clear your cookies and cache files if using Chrome. Also check your 3rd party settings as you may be blocking yourself from being able to comment while logged in to your google account.