February 18, 2023

A Quiet Saturday For The Hounds & Dog


Hard to believe it was a week ago tonight where a lot of things changed around here. It's going to take a pretty long time to forget it. The two previous owners of Samson and I have analyzed, talked and asked many questions. All of us have second guessed what we did, then why we did it. Thanks to Lynn and another reader that commented, all three of us had a better understanding on what happened with Samson. In hindsight, there were some red flags after we read about "rage syndrome". There is a lot of moving pieces to that puzzle, all with a sad ending.

It has been nice weather yesterday and today. A little too cold yesterday for any hound walks, but Henry and Watson got their walks today. I shot a day full of photos yesterday, only to see last night when I downloaded into my computer, practically all of them were blurry, and out of focus. I couldn't believe my hands were moving that much holding the camera, but they were yesterday I guess.

Instead of shooting a video, I had taken 13 photos in succession, while Walter was trying to decide to sit or lay on the love seat that I moved two weekends ago. He analyzed, changed direction multiple times while sitting the couch, then he had to dig, then circle for our five times before laying down to sleep. All caught on camera and all blurred and out of focus.

For some reason, since moving the couch from in front of the patio door to the opposite wall, Walter likes spending his leisure time on that rug. He will look out the window in daylight, do nothing when it's dark. That was also a favorite spot of Samson.

Since moving that love seat you see in the background, a couple of weeks ago. Watson has refused to sit in  it and has decided the center seat on the couch is his. It might be just me but he also seems to be craving more attention than he did in the past. There are never enough pets any more, as he will lay his paw on me like the photo of Samson doing that last week, telling me not to stop petting him.

Another camera mystery today, all the photos are in focus so that is good but I swear I took photos of them outside today after I switched Nikon lenses from the 70-300mm to the 18-55mm. I can't find them anywhere on the SD card. I'm losing my mind some days. I did see Watson and Henry running sprints today from one side of the yard to the other. I didn't get the camera quick enough to take photos of those high speed runs.

I am kinda in limbo tonight. Not interested in the new XFL football games. They are trying their spring league for the third time now. Back in 2001, then the covid pandemic shut down their return in 2020, so they are back in 2023 as of this afternoon. Now I am an avid football fan and about 5-8 years ago I was a football addict ... but I have never had any interest in these new leagues they have tried the past couple of years to show on tv in the spring or as soon as the NFL Super Bowl is over. I am bored tonight but not bored enough to watch their Saturday night game. 

My hand continues to heal. I found a website today describing the four stages of a deep cut healing. I am on Stage 3. I now know that redness around the cut is not an infection but as my friend said, inflammation. The article said the same thing, only it described what the body was doing in this stage of the process and why it was red like that. The size of my hand has remained normal size.

You see a choker collar on Watson. He did not wear one when Samson was here. That was one way I could tell them apart. He has the normal collar but lately has slipped out of that collar while we were walking. So I figured for the walks I could put a choker collar back on him. He doesn't pull when on the leash. He is either walking with his nose to the ground or standing at something he finds interesting to smell. He no longer tries to drag me down the street. That's a good thing. He and Henry really gets excited when I go out to clean the yard after their meal because they have learned the new habit that they go for a walk afterwards. Whoever gets into the garage alone first, when I call them, gets to walk first.

Due to his excitement Henry will trot non-stop on his walks until we are about three houses away from home and him completing his walk. The walks are .55 of a mile. Then he is walking slowly up the hill to our driveway and might on occasion turn to look back at me. I can tell since we have started his walks, I am starting to see some of his waistline. He is still a big boy though.

Walter's policy on taking walks is a flat "don't bother me". He will go out front with me, without a leash or collar to see his best friend, the mailman. Or when I was watering the grass out front last summer and fall he would go out with me to watch that. He will stay in the yard, and stays in the driveway on my command "stay" while I get my mail across the street. He did take off the second or third day we were here. He followed one of my neighbors that was walking her dog. I didn't know he was gone until she rang the doorbell with Walter on the porch with her. He had trotted with her about three houses down the street.

We have a nice small airport here. They fly to most major cities and to some of the cities in the east or south, they will have three different flights per day. I need to go out there sometime just to people watch, eat, and hang out for a few hours. I quit flying after I retired. It had become a hassle when flying for work and it went from something enjoyable to me dreading it. Not as a pilot, as a passenger.

I took this photo yesterday just to prove to myself the overcast skies were gone. As you can tell from this post there is not a lot going on. The hounds and the dog are already sleeping for the night and it is only 7:33pm local time. That is normal for them. I see a couple of days next week that have highs in the 70s and all the other six days has some pretty nice weather. 

Movie night tonight in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana.

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