February 26, 2023

The Hounds Know


They may have been out a few times this morning to explore the yard like they always do. With temps in the 40's that is warm enough to where they don't want to come inside ... except Walter. While Henry and Watson walked the yard with noses to the ground, they were really interested in something else. It is something they have become addicted to. They are waiting for me to clean the yard so right after I am finished, they know they get to go on their morning walks.

While I had a breakfast of two pieces of left over pizza, sizzling hot from 6 minutes in the air fryer, they roamed outside and only stopped to look at the camera once I stepped outside. Again ... I am sure they are wondering "is he gonna finally come out so we can go on our walk"???

To give you an example how in tune Watson is to this new routine, right after I hose off the pooper scooper and lean it up next to the gutter, he runs to the patio deck and starts hopping up and down. Which means, he is on his back legs and is as tall if not taller than I am ... with excitement for taking his walk.

It is going to be in the high 50's today in preparation for a little rain tonight and then more on Monday. So we will enjoy the dry yard while we can. 

After I finishing watching the last episode of Season 1 of 1923, they see me with camera in hand and stop all they are doing. BTW, that show is turning more into a soap opera than a western, I doubt that I  watch Season 2 next year.

I find the best shows are on Apple TV, made for Apple TV. Currently I am watching Truth Be Told and Shrinking. Last week they released an interesting comedy called Hello Tomorrow. One upcoming show and in fact may have been released this weekend is The Reluctant Traveler, looks interesting enough to take a look.

If there was a way to subscribe to my sports channels via Apple TV and pay each a subscription monthly, I would drop Directv in a heartbeat ... but in some cases you need a "tv service" like cable, satellite tv to get those subscriptions. My year is up for the discount Directv was giving me so I have to call today or tomorrow to get my new "loyalty discount" for the next 12 months. They told me years ago I had to call, me ... every year to get them.

Henry let Watson go first for his walk but for the first time I can remember, I heard Henry howling like a basset hound as we walked away from the house and as far as a couple of houses down the street. So he was pretty excited when it was his turn.

With lunch served and the walks done, Walter thought it was time for some relaxation. 

Although the clouds moved in, that 57° was still nice enough to leave the patio door all the way open they the hounds to go as they pleased while I watched the IU's women team play in Iowa. They lost on a last second 3 point shot. They were ranked #2 before they game, while Iowa was ranked #6. The B1G tournament in both women's and men's games should be really good this year.

This is proof, caught in the act proof, of Henry eating a clump of the greenest grass in the yard. Both he and Watson love to pull it out of the ground and eat it grass, dirt, roots and all ... as if I didn't have a hard time keeping grass in the yard to begin with.

Here is his response to my lecture ... one he has heard many times before.

While I was talking to Henry, Watson found his ball and let me know it was time to play some fetch.

With walks, lunch and some fetching ... time to kick back for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

It was a nice day in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana but I anxiously await hot weather.


  1. Hot weather down here in Falcon Heights Texas you are welcome to. Just come get it.

    1. You have scrambled my brain cells with that thought. :)

    2. Nooo, don't listen to Barney lol. Kelly

    3. LOL ... thanks for the advice Kelly ... Walter agrees with you.