February 24, 2023

Hounds Pretty Quiet Today

 So much for the warm weather we were experiencing. Woke up to 28° and I didn't last too long on the patio this afternoon in 41° weather. It was bright and sunny though and that was a good thing. We didn't do much today. Watson and Henry got their walks in, they met the painter down the street at the house I showed yesterday. The house will be a "flip" once another crew finish the inside with updates. He said it was in great shape to begin with.

I will let you decide what you think are photos from the Nikon D3500 and which ones are from my iPhone 11 Pro Max. I did some research on the settings like Barney suggested for backlit photos. Those adjustments were in these photos along with some recommended settings buy users of the D3500. 

I spent the morning calling two places for a cost and labor to change the FJ alternator. I watched a video on how to do it, plus a forum post with photos. I could probably really do it but with a hand that is in the process of healing I didn't want to bang it around on steel parts in tight spaces even under a rubber glove for protection. 

I'll let the pros handle it and really the only difference in cost will be in labor. I was going to spend that much on a better breaker bar and a better torque wrench. Plus when I do stuff like this it is always twice as long and something unexpectedly breaks.

Watson waited a long time for his squirrel to show up ... it never did while we were outside.

The Z4 will be my main transportation until I get the FJ back. Did I tell you I found a receipt that came with the FJ, they replaced the alternator 8 years ago in 2015. The FJ is a 2008. I was planning on replacing parts as a "preventive" thing since it is old but documented it was taken care of on its scheduled maintenance. 

It looked like the offer to bring me back from the garage doing the FJ work wasn't going to work out but something better happened. The day was so nice I thought it would be nice to take a "hike" through the west side of town back home. 2.7 miles walking a little faster than the hound walks at 20 minutes per mile. I will sleep well tonight.

It was a cold sunny day today in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana.

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