February 01, 2023

Samson Arrives After All


Like always when I decide to do something I keep thinking about it, did I make the right decision? I kept thinking with his breeding, a littermate of Watson, he should be a good bloodhound. After 21 months maybe he could use a different environment. I was pretty sure my three would be okay with him. Their only experience of having another dog here was last spring when the bulldog Hank stopped by to visit.

So sometime after 10am and about the time I was going to text the owner to tell him that I had changed my mind and I would take him. The picture above showed up from the owner. How could you resist a face like that ??? LOL

I told Chris I had changed my mind and the plans for the delivery were back on. In the meantime I would go out and break up the ice and shovel that off the driveway, so there was no chance of him or the hound slipping when they got out of their car. While I shoved, I thought more about my third decision. It was a lot like when I said yes, then no, then yes when I rescued Stella in 2015.

The more I shoveled the more excited I got. I also thought and still think it will help Watson having another bloodhound around. Someone his size to run with. Who knows, maybe not but it did make a difference in Sadie when I brought Stella home in August 2015. There is just something about having two bloodhounds.

I also shoveled off the patio so we would have a clean deck when Samson arrived. I wanted to introduce him slowly to the three I had. I put Watson in the backyard, Henry and Walter stayed inside the house while Samson explored with his leash on in the driveway and the edge of the front yard while Chris and I talked. He could hear Watson baying in the backyard. We slowly migrated into the garage to the shed. I opened the shed door to let Samson out in the backyard with his leash off ... to meet Watson.

Things went well from the time Samson got out of the car. He is very laidback and might even move slower than Watson does. It was not really a surprise to see that Henry and Walter were the first to take Samson's offer to play and play they did. Watson ??? Still not sure what the whole thing was about and just like Sadie acted in 2015 at the start ... Watson seemed a little disappointed I had a new bloodhound. He acted like his feelings were hurt later in inside the house. I had to assure him that he was my bloodhound like always.

I could tell that Samson was going to enjoy the yard as I watched him walk around exploring it. The first owner didn't let him out often, only to do his ob and come back inside, I was told. Chris let him out in their yard but living on a corner lot they had a lot of people traffic on the sidewalk that drove him crazy, like the squirrels drive Watson crazy. Here it is a pretty quiet neighborhood.

As you probably know, anytime there is a little boy two years old, toys seem to be strung out everywhere in the house. Due to that Samson would have to have a leash attached to him inside so they could control him and keep him from picking up toys that belonged to their little boy. Here he will roam free ... how would that work?

Well it worked out great after we moved inside to get a little warmer and see how he operated. He was just as good inside as he was outside. In fact as I write this post he has had the run of the house with no issues. There is still a zip lock bag of his dog food on the kitchen table that has not been bothered, with all the dog toys out on the floor ... no issues. I hear them playing in the great room by the sound of their toenails on the flooring.

I know it's hard to tell them apart, but that is Watson and the only way I can tell is by his collar. Samson wears a choker collar. Even now a few hours later Watson is still trying to figure things out. I think he might be little surprised with the new bloodhound. Henry and Walter act like "the more the merrier". They are playing with Samson inside as I type this.

Samson ... slightly bigger by not by much, than Watson. He has show quality features with a little bigger face, rear legs and paws are straight but the same color as Watson.

Does that look like a confused bloodhound?? Notice the tail and the look on his face. This photo reminds me of the way Sadie looked the first day that Stella showed up. I had rocked her world with a new bloodhound named Stella ... but the following day they broke the ice and were inseparable until Sadie passed away in September 2018. It won't be long before the two bloodhounds are running full speed in the yard after each other or to escape from Henry and Water sprinting after them.

He likes going outside and doesn't hesitate in letting me know that is where he wants to go. It's too cold to leave the door open all the time to let them go in and out as they please like I do in the spring, summer and fall. Chris said that he likes to spend a lot of time outside. He is not a digger but I am sure Watson will teach him how to eat my finest green grass by the roots, just like he taught Henry.

Walter and Henry really like their new housemate. I wish I would have taken photos of Henry, Walter and Samson playing but I was locked into what they were doing and forgot.

I expected him to get anxious, maybe loud and a little panicky when Chris left but he didn't. He roamed the yard in the slow motion walk he has. He did not notice when Chris pulled out of the driveway. Now we did test that before he left. I wanted to see what he would do if Chris left. Samson went and looked out the living room windows when Chris went out to get his toys, his AKC registration and the zip log bag of his food ... but no barking, no whining at the window.

By the time Chris came back inside all four had gone back outside. 

Each time he has gone to the door to go outside, he did his job outside and not inside. The breeder did a very good job training these puppies to be housebroke by the time they were picked up at 8 weeks old. Watson has done the same thing since he got here in June 2021.

I was warned that sometimes Samson wants to go out or back in but he won't go out or come in immediately, he likes to look around first. Luckily Henry has trained me not to expect immediate movements to any kind of command.

Watson is letting Samson know that I am his. Something he rarely does, right now he is laying under desk at my feet while I type this. So far the only barking I have heard was in the doorway of the computer room where Samson bent down on his front paws wanting Henry to play with him. He has a loud bark and I am sure I will hear more of that as time moves on.

He is off to a very very very good start I think. He seems at home and has not got into anything that is mine. He is a counter surfer though just like Watson if there is food left out. Those Angel Food cakes will have to stay on top of the fridge I guess. 

Everything is quiet. It's been a busy day for the four of them.Walter, Henry and Watson are sleeping next to my desk. I walked quietly down the hallway to see what Samson was doing ... he was curled up in front of the front door sound to sleep.

I guess he decided he needed something softer than the floor.  Ha Ha

I almost forgot. Chris told me Samson "only likes clean water". Does that sound familiar??? Walter does too. Samson my not eat all his food in one setting ... hmmm I will have to make sure I get the bowl of what's left and set it high before Watson and Henry clean it out.

It was a great day here in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana. I already know I made a good decision.


  1. Replies
    1. I could have swore I replied to this. Anyway Thanks ... as you know I change my mind a lot. So far they get along great, all sleeping for the night by 7:20pm local time.

  2. How nice for all of you that Samson is now part of your home/group/family! I hope everyone 's happiness about his being with you continually increases, -Mary

    1. Thank you Mary. I thought before I did it and after I said no, then yes ... it would be good for him and Watson just like it was good for Stella and Sadie in 2015

  3. Congrats on your growing family and Samson is a handsome hound.

    1. Thanks. He is a pretty one. Based on the baby photos I probably would have chosen him but he was gone right before I got to the breeders. No complaints with Watson though, I like them all.

  4. I thought this afternoon that I wouldn't be surprised if you changed your mind and invited Samson to join the other members of the "gang." He is a beautiful hound who looks so much like Watson with his markings, etc. Good luck and how wonderful that Samson has found such a great forever home and will be given much love.

    1. Well remember they are littermates. So already this morning I got them confused thinking Samson was chowing down on his food in the same room with Watson but it was Watson eating the different food. Walter didn't mind sharing the computer room for Samson's dinning. Yes, I couldn't stop thinking about what would happen to him if I didn't get him. They were not good options.

  5. Just saw this now, obviously from these pictures you did the right thing. He totally deserves a good life. So happy about this. Kelly

    1. Yes it feels like this is the place he needed to be. I have reminded him last night and again this morning that this is his home now and he will not be going anywhere else. He looks you right in the eye when you talk to him. I guess it was pretty close that he was headed to their local shelter to be put down for his history of biting issues. Thanks, I am happy too that I changed my mind.