February 22, 2023

Walter Makes An Outdoor Appearance

It was hard to believe under skies like this, that Walter would make an appearance outside. It took him a while as these photos are in order they were taken. 65°, warm and windy when I opened the door to let hounds outside for the first time. It was darker than this at the time, a little before 6:00am.

It was hard to figure out just how nice it felt that early in the morning. The high winds were whipping up thousand of scents for Henry and Watson to explore, all of them being airborne. With the warm weather I left the patio door open so they could run and play as they pleased. Walter ?? Where he is every morning after his breakfast, sleeping in the computer room while I drink coffee and read the internet.

In the meantime Henry and Watson ran through the house and back outside, chasing the other, to get whatever they had in their mouth. Then they would stop outside and look at the sky, next door and in the yard. They were probably as confused as I was with the warm weather this early in the day and it's still February. 

When I stepped outside to clean the yard I could tell what they really wanted. They have become addicted to their walks and like I said the other day, they are pretty sure, weather permitting, that when I finish cleaning the yard and head back inside ... we, they are going for a walk. One nice thing, the last two days, and one that I hope is a trend starting ... Watson heads to the garage first without the other two and I can get in there without fighting off the other two as I step into the garage to attach his collar and leash.

The more days they keep that order of Watson walking first and Henry second, the faster that habit will form. Just like after I pour a fresh bowl of water, Walter knows he has to wait and does, until Walter is finished drinking the "clean" water and not the water with hound drool floating on the top.  LOL

Right here, Watson knows he is going for a walk.

We were to get some rain this afternoon but each time I look at the weather on my phone, those three hours of "possible" rain keeps being blown out further into the evening by the high winds. While I write this I have my computer room window open and can hear the big trees across the street swaying in the wind.

I took all of these photos with my Nikon, with the flash on in case it was needed ... they are still too dark and the iPhone seems to take the best photos. The photos below were taken a little over three hours later when the skies were brighter.

Henry is trying to get Watson to play by biting his rear leg but Watson just wasn't that interested this morning.

So there he is, the hermit when there's bad weather. Walter came out just after his lunch to do his job over by that corner. In the meantime Henry and Watson were waiting on their squirrel to show up.

Walter didn't want to admit it but he really did enjoy being outside with that slightly warm air blowing on him. I would love to know what he is thinking.

Every time I tried to get a close up shot of Watson's face he would move .. but that 18mm setting on the Nikon lens would have worked that close to his nose.

When he is in this pose ... he is pretty relaxed and is enjoying his time outside.

Watson was ready to play if anyone else was ... but no takers.

Looking through a magnifying glass, I saw a thin layer of what I call new skin tissue, the full length of the cut on my hand. For the first time the scabbing material came off this morning as I lightly brushed the folded edge of a tissue through the peroxide on the wound. I have let it air dry today without protection even when I walked Henry and Watson.

Yes, I do keep thinking about Samson. It's hard not to. I can't but help think and wonder what happened to him before I got him. The sadness comes as I picture him his past 11 days, isolated, compared with how he acted when he lived here with Watson, Henry and Walter. It will hit me the hardest I predict, tomorrow, after he is put down. 

He did not deserve what led up to this point of his life. He was just a big ole, kind, laidback bloodhound. 

Well the hounds and dog are deep into their afternoon siesta. The winds are still howling at 1:30pm. I have some things I need to do away from the computer this afternoon so I am going to post this now, instead of later.

It was a nice warm day here in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana today.


  1. Enjoy your cool weather. We are at 97f here in Falcon Heights Texas at 1630 today.