February 10, 2023

It Is Samson's Seat Now

I think it is part of having more than one hound or dog. They follow you where ever you go sometimes, just sometimes, because they want the attention from you. They think you might give that to the other hounds or dog. So today when I sat down in the love seat in the living room, they all came running from the great room ... "what's he doing in there" ???

In May 2019 right before I was moving to Arizona, I was at Best Buy talking to one of their "geeks", young computer nerd about some games after I mentioned I was addicted to Mahjong. He suggested a game on my phone called "2048". It is like the old game in the 60s where you had a square plastic holder with small pieces with numbers on them. Except there was one open space, and you were try to slide the numbers in order. 2048 is similar to that.

Well for the past 21 months, the love seat in the living room has been my place to play 2048 while looking out at the street and enjoy the scenery of the neighborhood or in some cases watch the snow fly.

Henry had used this seat in the past for some naps at times. Walter never did but once again they are really positioning themselves for the attention they might get from me. The bloodhounds were more interested with what was going on outside ... which was nothing. It's a quiet Friday.

It didn't take long for Samson to remind me that the love seat was no longer a gaming seat but his bed. He did not growl, didn't get excited, didn't drool ... he simply used his long legs to step over both Henry and Walter and stepped up on the left side of the seat. That moved me from the center to the far right.

You will have to excuse some of the blurriness of the photos as I was taking pictures with my phone one handed while trying to keep the large bloodhound from sitting or laying on my lap. Yes, he still thinks he is a puppy and can be a lap dog.

You could see that Walter and Henry was curious what would happen next, but they did not move nor did they try to get up on the seat. They just watched.

Watson comes over to check out what is going on but also does not make an attempt to get up. 

I think these next four or five photos will show just how laidback Samson is. He is the typical bloodhound.

Henry looks to be in deep thought about something.

Is Samson meditating??

Not bragging but I think this might be the best picture I have taken of Samson since he arrived here on February 1st. 

With the yard making some great progress in the draining process, the hounds went outside to play from one side of the yard to the other. Henry got bowled over a couple of times as Watson had one of their Nylabones in his mouth and was chased by Samson and Henry. 

Then they came inside for their typical mid-afternoon siesta with Walter snoring loudly in the computer room.

With the temps dropping back down into the 30s, the hounds were more interested in turning around and heading back inside after they looked around. They had a pretty good day today. Each had their walks. Henry met another neighbor down the street. They played in the backyard, slept a lot, had a bone treat and slept more. 

Samson is still on Eastern Time so the rest of us are being woken up an hour earlier than we have been before his arrival. Our day is starting in the dark now around 5am. By 7:30pm they will be dead the world for the rest of the night. 

It was a dark, cold day here in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana. 


  1. Great blog tonight. Samson is just protecting his territory Love his paw on your arm, my Labs did the same thing for attention or if they wanted something.

    1. Long legs and heavy paws. LOL Thanks for stopping by.