February 19, 2023

Never Ring The Doorbell


The Sunday afternoon was a nice 58° and all of us were in a deep siesta, when I woke to hear the doorbell ring and two hounds and a dog were sprinting down the hallway to the front living room windows to see who was visiting. That included a lot of barking as usual. As I leaned over to look through the lower glass of the door, it was a girl holding a menu for Girl Scout Cookies.

My attempts to get the hounds and the dog outside in the back were ignored. That might work 10 minutes before the pizza is delivered but not when they are already at the front door. I told her what I wanted and went back to get some cash while she walked out to the street to where her mom had a small wagon filled with boxes of all kinds of Girl Scout Cookies.

Oh that red reflection on the wall came from where the sun was shining through the windows this morning. The sun was bounding off a heavy plastic IU license plate, shooting across the room to the opposite wall. I found where it was coming from by standing up from my chair and saw I was blocking its path.

We didn't do much on Sunday really. We started with early hound walks, Henry first today and Watson second. Watson wasn't really happy about that. I could hear him baying (howling) from inside the house, one or two houses down the street. The new choker collar worked out well. With each passing car, a slight tug on the leash he would stop and sit beside me. The few times he did try to get up to go toward the car, another light tug and he would sit.

Once again Blogger has posted photos in opposite order than what I loaded and then chose them. These were taken after their lunch. None of the three played in the yard. The sun was so nice and warm they slept on the patio most of the time while I watched the IU women's basketball game. They are ranked #2 in the nation and have lost 1 game all year. Most of the time they are more fun to watch than the men's team ... they play great fundamental basketball.

I'm not sure what message was being relayed here but they are friends and Henry can hold his own when playing might get a little rough. There wasn't any kind of whining or growling. Henry does like to clean Watson's jowls after he eats.

A walk, a nap, then lunch and some warm sunshine ... a good day for Watson.

The same goes for Henry.

Just after halftime of the IU game had started I made a mistake as I got up from the couch, telling them it was time for lunch. At the time Walter was laying on the rug in front of the patio, Henry was on the love seat and Watson was sleeping next to me on the couch. Of course "lunch" had all of them wide awake and following me to get Henry and Walters bowls. 

The problem was it was about an hour too early ... so no kibble was served. They all returned to the patio to sit in the warm sunshine when they found out lunch would not be served. This picture was the time I got up for a glass of water and they were sure it was time to eat. 

When they found out I had made a mistake, they all went back outside to enjoy the sunshine and patiently waited for the call at 12:30pm for lunch time kibble. After that we didn't do much, and that led us for a Sunday afternoon siesta.

I flipped through the shows I tape on my DVR and found another Ceasar Milan dog training show. Nothing pertained to what Samson did. As it should. What I was told in comments here plus what I have read on the internet, rage syndrome is rare and there is nothing else like it. Not even being dominate aggressive over food or a treat.

If the control center has proof of rabie shot that is current, why keep the dog for 10 days in isolation before putting him down. I think I found my answer yesterday when I was told "for them it's liability and being overly cautious". For me, that is healing up on schedule I guess, that 10 day thing is hard to understand. If something bad had happened to me after the dog bite, even with a valid rabies shot, then I understand.

The only conflict I have currently isn't the hounds and dog or even my dog bitten hand. It is long time friends where he is not a dog person and she is, married to each other, that both tell me I should get rid of the dogs I have. At least by his opinion ... "they are just dogs". She on the other hand said something so strange that I still haven't figured it out ... "you really don't have to keep him (Watson) no matter what the reason, unless you want to.

Her comment came from me talking to them about the whole situation and mentioning I didn't know a lot about rage syndrome but that it happens at a flip of a switch, That it might be genetic. So I was wondering if there was something in the bloodline of the sire and dam in Watson's litter that might make him do the same thing. Although he has shown no signs of something that intense and vicious. He will be two years old on April 29th. 

It was mentioned by an Anonymous comment that it seems to happen between the ages of 1-3, although a friend told me a few days ago they had their family dog down for the same actions who was much older than 3 years old. 

They are a "weird" couple by his own admission and I have put up with a lot of strange comments for years about my dogs, about me, where I live, what I do blah blah blah. I don't have any plans to discuss this with them any further and most likely will put a line through through their names on my list of friends. A friendship that has been up and down for years. 

Oh I almost forgot. Some readers have told me that Blogger will not let them make comments on my blog when they are logged into their Google account. So they post comments as Anonymous. I have checked what I can but I have no way to fix that problem from my side of the blog.

Beautiful weather here in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana.


  1. Nice photos and post. Loved Henry and Watson rubbing noses - so sweet. Fortunately for my waistline, I have not yet encountered a Girl Scout. Starting Tuesday we will have snow for the next week with over 30 inches projected at this time. So not looking forward to this, as it has been over 20 years since we had 30 inches in three days and I was 20 years younger. Oh well, life in the mountains.

    1. Is you snow a dry or wet type of snow? Here is wet but when I lived in Breckenridge CO it was very dry and light, but a lot of it.

    2. It just depends on the storm, the moisture, etc. Sometimes a dry snow which is what I like to shovel and other times the wet which is a pain to shovel as it is so heavy. The different forecasting apps are all over the map this time. Storms start tomorrow and continue through Friday and then start again on Monday and most of next week.

    3. Typical weather apps it seems. I hope I have seen my last snow for the year but it's still too early to say that.

  2. Some people are like clouds, when they disappear, it turns into a good day.... The admirer has lost the little voice he had, due to Covid. So sorry to ready about Samson. I had a german shepherd that was about 18 weeks old as a teenager, and out of the middle of the night he attacked me while I was asleep. chewed my hand and leg up and of course I was screaming, and I managed to get him out the house door, where he dropped of the top step tore my leg a bit more and I ran back in the house and grabbed the uncle's gun and I shot my own puppy and have never forgotten it. But, its what we did on the prairie 40 years ago.

    1. Sorry to hear about the admirer, hope he starts feeling better.