February 07, 2023

Hounds Started Early


You can tell by the tone of the photos it was early, like 7:30am and it was overcast with rain in the forecast. The made no difference to the hounds as they were outside early chasing each other, wrestling until the light rain showed up. I had to yell'' "milk bone" to get the three of them inside. Walter is included in that treat even though he was inside staying dry.

Samson continues to be a great bloodhound. Everyday he does something different while he creates his routine here. He has the same routines as the others when they go outside, when they are fed, when they go to sleep ... but just this morning he did things on his own. He didn't come to me for attention. He walked into he bedroom found a bone that had not been chewed in a long time, laid on the floor with that.

Or he slept in the computer room doorway while the other three slept close to my desk chair. He will even go out and lay in the middle of the great room floor to sleep if I am busy in the kitchen. I am really happy with the decision I made. He is a good bloodhound for our gang. Fits in well.

Henry now has two large bloodhounds he can tackle on the run, dive on their chests when they are down or chase at full speed through the yard. Walter plays with the others about once per day. Early in the mornings usually after they have had their first siesta.

A pretty good chance of rain tomorrow so not really sure if there will be enough to blog about.

I tried the Nikon flash on these photos, not sure if it made the photos better or not.

I think it is safe to say that Watson likes his new running mate. Whether they know they are littermates, I don't know. I have decided to buy a red collar for Watson ... too hard to tell them apart just by glancing at them when he is wearing a black collar and Samson a choker collar. 

The day did not have major projects like I had Sunday and Monday but I got a few things done before noon. You can see the philodendron that I moved yesterday from top of the fireplace. Today I slide a tape measure from the corner to the edge of the window, then drilled a tiny hole at the center point. I wanted it centered more than I wanted to hit a stud. It hung okay above the fireplace without screwing into a stud so should work okay.

After 21 months living here I finally found the right place for the steer head. Both of those wall ornaments give the room some nice color. It's the computer room.

Before I did either of those I wanted to see what love seat in the great room would look like in that corner where the tv was. Angled it at first and as my idea expanded the couch went along the wall to the right side of the room. End table in the corner with a lamp. That table and lamp were rarely used. Someone had put an electrical outlet in the floor in one of the worst positions. Maybe they thought they were never moving when they made that decision. It is now hidden by the longer couch that is centered on the tv.

With the furniture moved, the wall art hung, I headed back to the pet food center. After reading back through my private blog where I keep all my research on everything, I found I had the best dog food results using Diamond Naturals All Phases dog food. I had kept my receipt from yesterday so it was an easy trade off with the bag of Victor I bought yesterday and the Diamond Naturals I bought today.

After a little lunch for myself and the hounds, it was time for some yard clean up. I could tell Henry was getting excited as I hosed off the scooper because he knows I go from that to walking the dogs. His only problem was that Samson beat everyone into the garage alone, where I could shut the door on the others. He walked first, not Henry. It's all on a first come first serve basis. It isn't long after they walk, they all drink some water then get an afternoon siesta.

These photos were taken as I sat in my desk chair just to give you an idea how they surround me. Do you know if that was Samson or Watson in that first photo??

Water refuses to go on dog walks but that doesn't mean he isn't exhausted as the others. It's a hard job chasing them around the house panting, while trying to get just one hound corralled into the garage so they can be hooked up to the leash. He monitors the two that are left behind each time a dog or hound is walking.

That Nyla Bone to the right had not been chewed on in months, if not a year until this morning. I guess it is good that I didn't throw unused hound/dog toys away. That green ball was attached to a rope where they could play tug of war. By the time I got home yesterday that ball was no longer on the rope, a rope that was no longer looped and connected ... just a straight line of rope. Bloodhounds are stronger than you can imagine.

With Walter snoring and the other three sleeping, I could almost use a siesta too. That is one good thing about retirement, those siestas can happen in a blink of an eye, anytime during the day.

It has been a pretty quiet day here in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana today. IU game early tonight.


  1. Henry has no fear getting in the middle of Watson and Samson and doesn't ealize that he is so much smaller. I am thinking that Walter is the supervisor of the gang. Keeping everyone on their "paws."

    1. Walter is definitely the Head of Household. Henry has no fear and is the most laidback of them all. He can get possessive over bones at times. They all are getting along quite well.