June 23, 2014

Air Quality - Good or Bad?

This is not the fist time it has happen and it also happens at times inside my house during the other seasons. I would have to ask after viewing the two photographs below, is the quality of my air inside my house a concern? Or is it just the heat?

I bought the pineapple and tomatoes on Friday night … by Sunday morning they were doing what you see pictured here. The house windows have been open most of the time, with gentle southern breezes.

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I am sitting here on Monday afternoon after having a pretty good thunderstorm, where my internet connection is intermittent again and has been since early this morning before the storm arrived. It looks like it was a good move to have new internet service installed tomorrow between 11am – 2pm. It has become so bad lately that I am logging days on my calendar where I lose connection. It still seems weird because I have gone for years with great service. AT&T installed new main phone lines across the highway a few years ago. Even now when I do a speed test, it is faster than it’s ever been but much slower than what I will be receiving after tomorrow.

I’ve decided to get three free estimates for mowing my small yard. Have I turned lazy? No, but I am thinking about going on a vacation with the hounds for more than just a couple of weeks. So I’ll see what the estimates are. I can’t believe they would be much for a .3 of an acre and what takes me 45 minutes to mow with a power push mower. With the hills and trees it may not even be optimal for their riding mowers.

It should be interesting in what I find out. I’m really curious what kind of numbers they come up with.

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