June 12, 2014

Itching To Hit The Road

{Note @ 6:57pm - I mean just for the rest of the summer, not fulltime}

Since I decided I was going to keep my house and not prep it for sale, the urge to hit the road has increased a lot. All day yesterday I kept thinking how I have to get out of here. It was a constant thought from the time I woke up and has continued most of the day today. I'm not talking about a one day road trip but out and away ... many miles away and for a fairly long length of time. What has held me up?  Nothing to tow. The Escape 19' trailer I put a deposit on, does not have a delivery date until 14 October 2014.

So I've been thinking about two options.

1.  I load my camping gear and hounds into the FJ and hit the road westward. I would not say tent camping would be recommended in Yellowstone due to bear traffic, but for those that have camped in Yellowstone is that a safe assumption? Other cooler temps (Indiana has perfect temps right now) would be up in the Dakota's, Oregon or Washington.

Anyway, Option #1 would be tent camping --  to get away.

2.  Or I could buy a used small fiberglass trailer. That way I could get some training in the trailer lifestyle with the hounds and learn more about the trailer electrical and plumbing systems which I learned quite a lot from the Class C I had this past winter. Besides, I would find out by experience what it feels like to tow in the FJ. In the past I have towed a small trailer and a friend's boat with my old Chevy truck I had but have not towed a camping trailer with any vehicle I've had. A used hard shell trailer would give me what I need for bad weather, bear country and more shelter than a tent.

With either option I will be taking a separate screen room tent or possibly a larger tent for hounds to sleep outside ONLY in the daytime when I'm around. It would also give me a place to to get myself away from the gnats and mosquitos if there were any.

I DO KNOW, that the urge for a road trip of some kind is strong. I live in between US Highway 40 and 50. I'd find a highway by-pass around St. Louis and then get back on US 40 or US 50 westward. I have no interest in heading south or north for some reason. Both have beautiful country. The Smoky Mts are within a day's driving south of me but for some reason west is always what I think about when I think about road trips.

I'll keep you posted.

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