June 20, 2014

Blog Plan & Internet Addiction

Blogging is such an interesting thing. I stopped one of my blogs this week after two years of posting, getting followers, having comments and a long blog role that was full of information and photos. I decided, instead of changing the blog title and writing about other topics entirely, I would leave that blog 'actively' closed to be used as a reference when people found it on internet searches. Instead I would start this new blog.

In the past month I've seen two people announce they were giving up blogging after a few years of daily writing. I've seen many others recently, myself included, that talked about giving up blogging all together, yet continue. One of those bloggers did what I did, left his older blog open as a reference and went to a new blog with different topics ... such as everyday living, similar to a journal. The other is on the side bar of this blog where he announced today that his blogging will definitely slow down and unsure of any future plans after his trip this summer.

Blogging can be addicting, whether you are writing one or reading a lot of them every day.

Even after a few short days I have caught myself thinking of what to write for my readers, where I may not have that many readers if any at all on this blog. I have a few from the comments I've received and a couple of people added my blog to follow. That is a common problem with people that blog. Most start one to record their own journal, or keep their family and friends updated with what they are doing. Others do it for business, by building a following and making income with affiliate links or advertising. This one is more of a journal for me.

This blog is not going to be about building an audience and I stated that in the very first post. This is more of a personal journal that I can look back on, instead of doing this in Microsoft Word or iMac Keynote.

So, the blog is pretty plain and simple and I think after a starting it this week, it is serving its purpose ... a place for me to write. If someone finds it enjoyable enough to read, then I'm fine with that and enjoy the following. I'm not a big fan of Google+, so I deleted the 2nd account I ad for this blog. Of course by doing that, it also doesn't give people an option to follow this blog using their Google+ accounts.

For those readers that want to follow this blog, you can follow by email (upper right corner), join with your old blogger profile (Google Follower) or use the free program that will give you notice when I update this blog and that program is called Feedly, at http://feedly.com.

It's going to be another hot day here in the 'tropics' of southern Indiana. I woke up later than normal this morning after getting up early to let the hounds out. I heard a familiar "rumble" sound outside and was happy to hear it. The field behind my house is owned by my neighbor a couple of houses down, but he leases it out to another farmer to bale hay. The "rumbling" I heard was their tractor cutting the hay. That's a big deal because now the daily dog walks can start again. The hay gets 4'-5' tall and thick enough in most places where the bassets are not interested in doing any recon missions, Sadie could care less as she will walk anytime, anywhere, in any temps.

I will show photos tomorrow of a "considerate farmer", in comparison to the last man that baled it who seemed to be angry at the world every time I talked to him.

I decided to start doing some different backups for my computer. That might include a trip to Best Buy in Bloomington to pick up a new external hard drive. The one I have currently I bought when I bought a new iMac, 4 years ago this October, and that is almost filled up. I use that hard drive for Apple's Time Machine, which will backup your files every hour and it has done that without a hitch. What that does not do is back up your hard drive system files and updates. That is what the other hard drive will be for, like a startup drive when needed.

I could buy a larger external drive, then partition it off where I can do both, Time Machine and backing up the HD system files. Since I already have the one external drive now, I'll reformat that and use it for the system backup and use the new external for the Time Machine.

I must say after a little less than 4 years of using my first Mac, I've had zero problems. (knock on wood). Whereas the ~15 years of a PC, I had more issues than I wanted to contend with. Due to needing the ability of linking a cell to another spreadsheet, I ended up buying Microsoft Office for Mac so I could use Excel, for that purpose. Open Systems and Mac's "Numbers"  in 2010 did not do that feature in their software. That was 4 years ago so maybe they have changed and if they have, I still will not convert all of my spreadsheets to those two programs, simply because I don't want to mess up the format of those spreadsheets that have the linked cells. Those Excel spreadsheets go back a lot of years and I don't want to take the chance of messing them up.

Well I need to get off of here and do something. I've noticed recently that I am falling more and more into a rut of not really getting anything done, nor doing anything. The days go by extremely fast but too much computer time. I am a true computer/internet addict. I do a lot of reading on the internet, some research, check on blogs and forums ... but really too much seat time in front of the computer. My internet provider is having a little customer appreciation day that will be from 11-1 today. They have a drawing that I hope to win, 6 free months of internet service. That would be a $240 savings for service that recently has been intermittent more than it has in the 6 years of service. They are still a good local company, family owned and will do anything to get your issued repaired as soon as possible. They have a number you can call and get a response 24/7.

The hounds will be staying home on this trip.  It's way to hot for them to stay in the FJ while I mingle at the luncheon and they would prefer to lay next to the floor vents where the A/C comes from and sleep all day. After all, dinner isn't served until 3:30-4:00pm every day, that gives them plenty of time for an all day siesta.

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