June 18, 2014


{Editors Note} It looks like the comments link showed up with this post and should work.

It looks like I have a bug in the comment settings. My first post a few days ago shows the link for you to make comments. My post from yesterday does not show that link. My settings show that anyone can make comments without word verification nor approval by me. It also shows in settings that all comments made will be sent to my email.

Last night a comment was made under the tab "Contact" but I did not receive any email notification. They also could not find a way to make a comment under the post.

This post is to let you know I am working on it and it will also show me if there is a link for comments.

I was having internet connection problems yesterday and again it is perfect this morning. It is possible when I was setting up this blog yesterday that something may have been hung up in the blogger system during the times I lost internet connection.

Thanks for stopping by.

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