June 16, 2014

My Internet Service is Back

After about 7 days of my internet connection being intermittent and the past 4 days being the worst, I can assume they have fixed the problem with my internet connection. I call and file the complaint, they schedule AT&T to check their lines, but the local service provider never lets you know when it is fixed or what they fixed ... it just starts working. I remember when the internet first came out and you would lose connection. I'd call my service provider in 1996 and they would tell me they were having problems and would probably get in fixed in 3 or 4 days. That was the norm it seemed with other internet providers in the area plus the one we used at work. So, it was not big deal.

Times have changed though. You lose internet connection now for an hour or more and your life seems to stop and your anxiety level increases. You can still use the iPhone but going from a 27" monitor to an iPhone size screen you have to be really desperate.

Anyway everything seems to be working and the lights on the modem that should be solid are ... that's a good sign.

I came close of looking at a 16' Scamp trailer about 2 hours away from me on Friday. I stopped for lunch at Lake View, an Amish all you can eat establishment. I had my usual large amounts of food there, even though my trips are few and far between to that restaurant. Since retiring in April, my diet has drastically changed to veggies, fresh fruit, beans, rice ... a little fish, no beef or pork, no Pepsi's and no junk food. I've dropped 16 lbs since April 10 on that diet with very little exercise besides the 45 minutes it takes to mow the yard in the heat with a 21" push mower. (fits in my narrow shed).

Well after lunch I can tell a few miles down the road I am not going to make 2 hours driving one way and 2 hours back. I made a Uturn and drove the 22 miles home, grabbed a couple of Tums and told the hounds it was time for a siesta. I felt terrible and it was definitely a shock to my system from a great diet to fried chicken, bread, buttered corn and ice cream.

By Friday night I was dropping the idea of a small fiberglass temporary trailer and started looking at tents. I had a couple of good recommendations by a friend of mine that has spent a lot of time camping full time in tents with dogs. She also recommended a couple of nice places to camp out west for a first time destination.

Plans were to go to REI in Indianapolis Saturday morning to check out what tents they had and a few items that I have lost in loaning out my camping equipment a few years ago and not getting it back. I ended up not going anywhere on Saturday, still felt under the weather health wise. With Father's Day on Sunday I knew most of those stores would not be open so it was another day at home.

It's times like these I am starting to feel like I am falling into a rut. Going through a day and not doing anything, and I mean nothing at all. Something I thought might happened before I decided to retire. Something I knew would happen eventually for a short time, but I didn't know when. I know what to do to get out of this boring routine and by Monday's high sticky humidity I have become quite motivated to head somewhere cooler and less muggy. Still a rut is a rut.

So, my internet is back and fast, the weather is forecasted to become hotter, in the 90's and with that rise in humidity we have been missing, it could be time to leave.

The Daily Hound Walk is postponed until the hay is cut. It happens this time of year. I could cut a path of our walk, would take some time but the field is swamped with ticks, more than the usual amount, so even with a path mowed or cut I would prefer to wait until they bale it.

Can't you just feel the humidity from this photo?

I have someone reading my blog from the start and making comments along the way on my older posts. He has been full-timing many years with last 4 or 5 years in a 24' Class C along with a 45# dog the past 2 years. He is leaving some pretty informative comments on older posts. I see them by email. He is sure I am crazy. He has just read and commented on my thinking of fulltiming in a truck camper. If he thinks I am crazy at that point in the blog he has not seen anything yet .... LOL ... Since that time of selling the Class C, I have traded an H3, sold the car I traded it for. I bought a Chevy 2500HD pickup truck and a little over a month later I trade it for the Toyota FJ and now talking of tent camping ... LOL ... he'll freak out by the time he gets caught up. He has some good points though in his comments and I enjoy reading them. I have looked at his site for a minute or two. We have two things in common, bicycle trips and accounting backgrounds. At least I am down to only two vehicles and no, my house is not packed with stuff and I do not have a shed in the backyard full of stuff. I have downsized quite well I must admit, even for a house.

I'll keep you posted but honestly, I have no idea what I am going to do this summer....

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