June 17, 2014

Summer Has Arrived in Indiana

After a great spring and an early summer of cool temps and low humidity, summer arrived yesterday in the form of 'sticky' humidity and high temps. I don't mind the high temperatures but the humidity is a killer. I don't like it, the hounds don't like it. I've decided this summer all yard work will take place in the am before noon. That will be easier this year since I am now retired and not at a job all day during the week.

I'll also have to get any of my bike riding in early in the morning if not doing the once per week yard work.

I've thought of leaving the area for a few months to escape the humidity and do a little camping along the way but I hate paying the high prices for mowing my yard while I'm gone. I only have 3 neighbors around me with only 1 of them having a teenage son, that doesn't mow. Plus I have an older basset, Winston, that is a little gimpy with a bad lower back. It comes with the breed and at 10 years old it will only get worse. He is having a hard time getting up the two steps into the house right now. I can't imagine being lifted in and out of a Toyota FJ 4x4 would help his situation much. I have to ask myself sometimes of those two reasons alone are enough to keep me and my three hounds from traveling to some states with cooler temps and lower humidity.

It's times like these I miss those mild summers up at Whidbey Island, WA northwest of Seattle. I remember playing golf some days in July wearing a sweater. I read the other day in the Whidbey Times the problem with theft has now moved to stealing mail from mailboxes which leads to identity theft. Last winter the theft epidemic was people having things stolen from their barns and separate garages. Times have changed a lot from the time I lived out there between 1984-1994. It's still a beautiful place and one I consider at times of making a move back to the area.

With that location, besides the great fresh seafood, great roads to bicycle on I would have the ability to fly 'standby' for all flights out of NAS Whidbey. I haven't checked the current cost since I do not have that ability from my location in Indiana but it use to be $10 and show your retired ID card. It was an easy way to fly to San Diego for the weekend, Las Vegas or even up to Alaska.

Along with that Indiana heat, my internet connection has been acting up. I am not sure if it is heat related. Due to my location I am only able to get two types of connection. DSL through a local provider that uses AT&T phone lines. (What I use). The would would be Hughes Net with their satellite pointing to the southern sky like my DirecTv dish. I have great reception with DirecTv even through the thunderstorms and winter snow. I am not sure that Hughes Net would be that reliable and it comes with a 2 year commitment once they install their equipment.

So internet connection problems are ongoing. I put a call in last week with plans of the AT&T repairman to check the lines. Of course when he came this morning everything was working perfectly and the internet signal was quite strong. He checked all the wiring anyway and came to the same conclusion.

About 5pm tonight it started disconnecting just like it has since June 9th.

I'm am kinda lost starting this blog. I've been blogging for the past 2+ years on a different topic and years before that when I was running my online sports memorabilia business. I have to remember from what I said in my first post, this blog is mostly a personal journal which has other people reading it. A little strange.

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