June 29, 2014

Want to Identify Scam Phone Calls?

I'm sure that many of you get the same type of phone calls that I do, where they are either telemarketing or in some cases can be harmful if you answer the call. I usually don't answer calls that are not in my contact list and show up by name on my caller ID.

So how do you know who is calling?  I hope this tip will help you from now on.

1.  Don't answer calls that are not in your contact list
2.  Let those calls with just a phone number showing on your caller ID, go to voice mail or just hang up.
3.  After the call, go to www.whitepages.com
4.  Type in the phone number of the call in the block "Reverse Phone"
5.  Scroll toward the bottom of the screen, you will usually see comments from others that will show you the number is s scam.
5.  Click your phone icon, click "recent" and then add that number to your contact list and name the new contact SCAM.

Each time a number fills the the above criteria, add them to the SAME contact. After a while you will have a list of phone numbers under that contact name.

What you will find out later is, those numbers will stop calling you. Keep them in your contacts though and keep adding new numbers.

What made me think of this information is I just changed cell phone service from AT&T to Verizon. Within an hour after activating my new phone number, I received my first SCAM call. I added that number to my previous contact. They have continued to call me every day, including just now, but now my caller ID will show SCAM when they call.

I hope this helps those that didn't know how to handle these types of calls.

Yes, I use to put my number on the lists to not receive telemarketing calls but the block never worked.

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