June 25, 2014

Change to Verizon and a New iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s
After 11 years with AT&T (Cingular) cell phone service I decided to make a change to Verizon once my AT&T contract had expired. My contract expired this past March but I had been waiting to see what the new iPhone 6 was going to be like because I was eligible for a new phone either transferring to Verizon or renewing my AT&T contract.

I may regret not waiting until September 19, 2014 for the release of iPhone 6 but based on what I do with a phone and the size of the phones, I decided to make the jump now to Verizon and the iPhone 5S. Comparing the two, I wasn't sure I would like the larger size phone and I knew I would not like the price. I will still have many of the upgraded Apple features in the fall with my iMac and this phone.

I have a lot to learn about this new phone but the few new things I have figured out are really nice since moving from an iPhone 4. One of those is the fingerprint security and unlocking process plus voice texting and emailing. I soon found out I needed to check and make a few corrections before sending the voice email but overall it recognized what I was saying very well. I have read the more you talk the more it will have to build it's database, thus less errors earlier.

In the past I have thought of just going to a basic flip phone, pre-paid, to use just for emergencies. It would save some in monthly fees but with all of the features you get with a smart phone I think for me it's money well spent to stay with the smart phone. The few people that I know that have made that change either have gone back to a smart phone or plan to.

It was probably harder to cancel my AT&T service than it was to activate and set up my Verizon service along with the new phone. I find it strange that AT&T would let you sign up for auto pay and any new accounts using your debit or credit card online ... but "for security reasons" you had to call them to cancel. Of course that phone number to call to cancel my Landline and Internet service was linked on their web page for canceling service.

I knew the real reason for calling was they would up sell me with a lot of new offers to keep my account open. I practically had to beg them to close my account. Like I told the customer service rep over the weekend when I was checking out U-verse for phone and my internet, "I have an AT&T tower in plan view, two fields away and cannot get a strong signal standing inside my house, were my friend standing next to me with Verizon was getting 5 out of 5 bars on their phone." What's up with that?

Since I am not in the area to receive U-verse, I had no other plans I could use with AT&T. With the possibility of traveling out west or even moving out west, Verizon was highly recommended by those that travel full time or live in those western states.

I followed the process to erasing all personal data and all my files from my iPhone 4, closing the account. I had thought of selling it to Gazelle but after looking at their eBay store and seeing the prices they were selling the iPhone 4 for on eBay, I decided I would sell it myself on eBay and make an extra $100.

Instead of discussing all the features of the phone, I'll leave that to you to look up on Google.

I will say for those that ever thought about making the change from AT&T to Verizon, I can already tell the difference in their customer service on the phone. NO comparison between the two companies. Verizon has their act together when it comes to customer service over the phone. So far the cost of the new iPhone 5s is worth the money.

Overall I am very happy this morning with my change in cell phone service.

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