October 31, 2015

Hounds Have High Energy Today

I spent most of Friday afternoon visiting with an old college friend of over 40 years. I met her and her husband at our favorite establishment in Bloomington. With the temps at 48°, the word "chile" sounded good to go along with a locally brewed pale ale. We talked about old college memories, places we had traveled to over the years, her grown kids and a lot of sports. Laughing was a major activity.

So needless to say by the time I arrived back home late Friday afternoon, the hounds were more than ready to get outside and dump their tanks but more importantly they were ready to eat.

For a dog that had a reputation of having separation anxiety, Stella has done very well staying with the other hounds in a room with the door closed. No damage of any kind. I suspect she does a lot of sleeping like the others while I am away.

Friday morning didn't have much activity before I headed to Bloomington, after a couple of cups of coffee and some blog reading. Heidi was not outside long enough for her to be photographed.



I could tell though this morning (Saturday) by the way Stella and Sadie were playing inside, they needed to get outside to burn off some of the "Halloween Energy" they had. They were not 10' outside the door when they started playing. With my hands full with a camera, a lens and a cup of coffee I was unable to photo those first few feet.

They started their normal sniffing of the field. Stella trotted out to the edge of the field and woods.

You can tell she knows her name by this photo as I yelled it out from the house. She then started the trip back to the yard.

About the time her feet touched the yard where Sadie was waiting for her ... they were in action. Sprinting, dodging each other showing off their moves and agility for big lumbering hounds.

This was about all the energy Winston could muster up this morning. It looks like he might have found some good tasting dirt on his way back and was trying to lick it off his chin before I would see it.

Checking to see if I am watching him

My football marathon starts soon. I need to replenish the food supply but cannot find time today to head out to the store between games. I'll find some combination of food that's here in the kitchen and come up with something I can survive on. It's amazing how quiet the house is with 4 hounds all off in dreamland.

Cleaning up tree limbs and raking the last of the leaves will take place Monday.

Life is rough here in the tropics of southern Indiana.

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