January 31, 2018

Heidi Checks Out The Howling Winds

Sitting at the computer I felt a gust of wind so strong I thought the roof was coming off the house or we all were going flying. I wish those strong winds from the SW were blowing warmer air but it is freezing cold air. Even Heidi was fooled as she completed her lap around the house after lunch ... yet her nose explored the yard by the inch as she walked.

This is my 2nd post of the day. I am not going to type the number of each post but just to point out that in the past when I post more than once per day, for some strange reason visitors don't look at both posts in the same day but at the latest one. Makes me wonder sometimes why I have the front page set up the way I do.

After 11 months eating Wholesome Sportmix dog food her skin problems have been the best she has had since 2014. That food is made by the same company that makes Earthborn Holistic grain free food. We tried all of their grain free foods before switching to their 'generic' kibble ... it did nothing to improve her skin like this chicken meal kibble has worked.

Plus last summer she had gained her lost weight back. As has Stella. All the hounds eat the same food and all three hounds have to softest coats they have ever had. Bravo to Wholesome Sportmix.

One of our local hawks wanted to let Stella know she had her eye out on the hounds. With it being so cold all Stella wanted was to get back inside for her afternoon siesta.

Many years ago when my 89 year old father was a teenager, there was a path from the top of my driveway that went down between the two large trees, through the water and out to the country road. Every since then, every home owner of this house has watched the south part of the field sink over time with underground water from the field behind us.

It's only January but the 2018 Burn Pile is way behind last year's amount of tree limbs that are burned every spring and fall. That is actually a good thing.

The wind is howling today in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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