January 03, 2018

Not Quite Warm Enough

It did finally warm up enough Tuesday afternoon (yesterday) that we took a walk. It had been the first walk for the hounds since last Saturday on December 30. Of course that was a walk with Stella on a leach and she would tell Sadie and I if it were too cold. Yesterday afternoon was fine ... but not this morning.

I glanced at my iPhone weather seeing the same temps and wind chill as yesterday afternoon, so we headed out this morning. We didn't get far though ... Stella didn't lift any of her paws to show me she was cold but just turned around and headed home ... we were done for this morning but with a high of 24° possible this afternoon, we might be back here with some afternoon pictures.

Colder longer than I can remember since moving to 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana 20 years ago.

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