January 03, 2018

The Hounds Take An Afternoon Walk

It took a while but by mid-afternoon it felt like the time to grab the camera and take an afternoon walk. Heidi stayed inside for that walk but she did get outside for a short time right after lunch. She was outside long enough to relieve herself and take a full lap around the house. I am happy to see that the Azaleas are not dead during these freezing temps.

Of course Sadie was happy. She had been waiting, begging, staring at me for days it seemed needing to get outside for longer than 5 minutes.

Stella glanced back to make sure it was an official walk or just out long enough to grab some air.

It must have been about the right amount of time. By the time we finished the walk, both hounds were running for the house.

I've may have mentioned in the past that I have seen some pretty interesting things on the highway in front of my house which is a 2-lane US Highway ... I I live in a 'passing zone'. Yet the speed limit is 55mph and most drivers are faster than that limit.

Today I barely caught the latest of stupid drivers. By the time I picked the camera to catch both of these fuel tanker trucks, they had already passed my house.

A yellow warning sign on the left side of the highway saying "No Passing Zone" is just up ahead, not counting oncoming traffic that is going just as fast or faster than you. I've had my mailbox cut down once by a reckless driver before. I have also had many all the way over in my driveway out of control (texting) before they swerve and miss the mailbox and get back on the highway at 55mph or faster.

Otherwise, it's been a nice day in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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