January 08, 2018

Heidi Highly Motivated Today

For the 5 days of the 'arctic temps' here in the tropics of Southern Indiana recently, Heidi did this most of the time, along with Stella. But with a 30°+ jump in temperature today Heidi hopped off the couch and ran for the door to get in some exercise ... but not before stopping by her food dish for some lunch. She wasn't fast, or running but she went for an endurance workout today with walking a lap around the house.

I am not sure what Stella's expression means or what she was trying to tell me, but she is about to stick her tongue out. I think I just caught her at the end of eating something. Who knows?!?!

With the rain early this morning, Heidi waited for it to stop before she committed to coming all the way outside for any amount of time. Once she confirmed that the ground was wet and her paws were getting wet ... she hugged the house, the front steps and along the back of the house to keep as dry as possible during her walk.

Temperatures have increased but still cool enough to keep the small amounts of snow in tact.

The higher we climbed and as we moved to the back of the field ... there were more of these small piles of small pieces of ice.

With the AT&T tower almost submerged in the fog ... hard to believe it's in the mid 30's today.

No sign of Stella as my eyes scan from left to right.

There she is, shaking off all the burrs, thorns and any other kind of dormant brush her coat caught.

Again she walked right by me thinking she was going to start her walk for the day as Sadie and I was about finished. She couldn't believe I was telling her no and we were heading home.

Just because she turned to follow me and Sadie, didn't mean she was going to make it a quick walk home.

We might get in another walk later today with Stella on the leash and no camera with me. Otherwise the drizzle will keep me inside and I'll continue to prepare for the championship game tonight in college football by playing a lot of Mahjong, some 2048 and answer the email questions I get.

Happy about the increase in temperatures in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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