September 22, 2019

Day 14 Post OP Best Day Yet

By mid-afternoon I was declaring today the best day I've had since my surgery 14 days ago. I did not try to walk more steps, following my Saturday plan of rest and sleep fit in around football games on tv. I still followed the PT instructions for turning, getting in and out of bed and sitting in a chair. What I did do was more walking around the kitchen while preparing meals or putting dishes away, without the walker. It was sitting within reach if needed.

Nurse Stella followed me most of the day with a couple of times where she felt I was okay enough for her to take a siesta outside. Of course sometimes there is food involved where she thinks she might have chance for some kind of drop or an offer from me to share.

I told my friend yesterday that this view of the mountains from the patio reminds me of the clouds and mountains I would see in Hawaii, standing on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier docked in Pearl Harbor.

I could tell early this morning by Stella's actions this was going to be an extra rest day ... a lot more rest and sleeping.

While I watched football on tv, she napped outside in one of her favorite spots half on half off the patio. The temps were about right, 81° with a breeze. Not hot enough for the AC to kick on but not that cool either.

I knew before I moved that I would not be able to see my 'local' team the Colts on tv much and changing my tv service to Cox Cable, they would not have a program like they do in MLB where I can see every game depending what channel I change to.  So while I watched a game on tv, I kept track of the Reds on the phone while it was charging and the Colts on my iPad Mini. I miss the split screen that came with DishNetwork where I could watch 4 games at one time. Yet the picture quality is sharper and to me that is a great trade-off. DishNetwork's signals during the monsoons are not a good match I'm told.

After my siesta of almost 2 hours in the middle of the day, Stella was nowhere in the house where I could find her. Bedroom-No, Computer room-No, behind the love seat next to the living room window-No ... outside soaking up the warmth and in a very deep sleep.

The winds picked up from the south/southeast where it was not only strong enough to keep the house cool but also it felt like a storm was blowing in. You cannot really tell here if the percentages are accurate because I've seen it storm with a 10% chance of rain and nothing at 80% chance of rain. So who knows?

I took all of these photos in this post with my Canon G9 X and edited out the dark spot on the sensor. I still think my iPhone 8+ takes better photos of the same areas.

Nurse Stella was going to make sure that I would not wander around the backyard without my walker. Her idea of blocking me was the best prevention. Remember, she is on call 24/7 and only charges food instead of cash for her services.

This was the first time I got a really good look at Stella's foot, where the growth was removed from her inner back paw just a couple of weeks before I broke my hip. That looks like a good job by the vet and looks like it is healing nice.

Heidi made her afternoon appearance while we were sitting outside. Strong winds made her work her nose a little before giving up and taking a short nap.

By the time I got up to leave, rain seemed like it was right around the corner. I also didn't notice until I posted the photo, I did not edit the black spot out of it. Can you see it?

After the way I felt today I think with another 48 hours of walking and continuing getting stronger I might be looking pretty good when I visit my surgeon Tuesday morning. Will I return home without the walker to use for another week or two or will he give me permission to move to a cane? I DO NOT expect to get the okay to drive but I would love to get the okay to move from my hard wood kitchen chair to my couch when watching tv or reading a book.

I have a nice 4" orthopedic seat pad for that chair, still it's not as nice as sitting on the couch.

Another development and one that is huge, happened today. I was able to lift my right foot just enough to pull my sock up. It is a compression socks that comes just above the ankle with tread on the bottom to prevent me from slipping and sliding. I can do that on my left foot without a problem.

I am still cautious getting in and out of bed  as well as sitting down and getting up from a chair. When turning I do the small sections at a time as the PT taught me so I will not twist that new ball joint in my hip nor my knee. With my daily scrubbing with soap and water I had a few more scabs decide to remove themselves from my elbow, and knee from the bicycle wreck, that caused all of this. I have not gone anywhere close to the incision with anything wet as directed.

So at least on this day, Sunday the 22nd, I am feeling great but still not exerting myself like I was before. It was my best day yet.

It was a great day in the Wild West today.

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