September 11, 2019

Day 3 - Huge Improvements

I slept solid until 10pm last night when I needed to make a bathroom run. That forces me to work on my technique getting out of bed and back into bed. I was back to sleep and it wasn't until 4am when Stella woke me up "like the old days" ... she went straight outside so she really had to go and it wasn't food induced. Although when she walked back inside she gave me the bloodhound smile where she thought she was going to get fed breakfast but I told her not today. I cannot bend over far enough to dish out the dog food nor sit their dishes on the floor.

By 5:55am I been watching the sun come up from the bed instead of the patio ... it was time to get up.  Oh, that large wedge of foam is better than putting two pillows between you legs to sleep. That keeps the hip area stable during the night.

I could feel by the way I got out of bed that I was feeling stronger today, a lot stronger. Mentally I felt normal and had to remind myself about my hip and that I had to use the walker. Even after scooting and sliding to the edge of the bed I always sit for a couple of minutes to make sure things are ok and remind myself of the procedure to standing up with the walker.

The hounds are helping with my rehab because I might be walking a little faster down the hallway, around the corner and to the backdoor to let them outside. I want to open that door soon enough so Heidi doesn't pee in the house. Stella checked me out standing at the counter with the Nikon D3200 and knew once again the chances for a walk were slim today.

Too hard to walk with a walker and holding a Nikon D3200 so I zoomed outside while standing at my counter at the end of the kitchen to take his photo.  A cool 62° breeze was blowing through the house. I am now rolling the walker across the floor as I walk with a normal continuous steps instead of one foot at a time. Yet I am very causious and take my time to turn around or to make a turn just like the PT showed me.

Stella's eating pattern has been disrupted and she no longer eats as soon as she wakes up. The dog sitter has to feed horses first and can get her around 7:30am and then again around 3:30pm. She thinks it's best to feed dogs 8 hours between meals and so do I ... so Stella no longer eats at noon because she is not being fed at 4am.

With the reaching tool they gave me I can pick up anything on the floor. With outlets up high in some places I could plug in the vacuum and it's light enough and smaller than my Dyson that I can pick it up to unwound the electrical wire. .... So with a Swifter I dusted all the tables and bookshelves in these, I vacuumed the whole house and felt motivated enough to do a large load of laundry.

All of this was going to be finished on Saturday when I got back.

I am ALWAYS AWARE to keep my knee facing forward, making turns easy and not reaching for things. I would hate to have that new hip pop out of joint, which I was warned about before coming home. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS.

You can see Stella is happy to be back at the blogging desk.

Chewy will start delivering our dog food and dog treats. They will also send Heidi a brand new dog bed, arriving September  16th.

Things are good in the Wild West.

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