September 23, 2019

The Improvements Continue

Although Heidi loves her new bed that arrived last week, sometimes there isn't anything better than an old rolled up blanket. With a cool breeze coming though the southern bedroom window she found the perfect spot to nap until breakfast was served this morning. For the first time in a long time, both hounds slept through the night, never getting up one time. Stella found a new place to sleep ... the walk-in closet. It's dark, quiet and no windows, the perfect place for solid sleep.

I on the other hand was getting up every hour. Did they do something to my bladder during their hip replacement surgery? Finally I was wide awake at 5am, did my exercises for the foot, legs and hip and started the day. There were some amazing cloud formations right after the sunshine came up.

Remember that I am writing these updates for any of those readers that may have hip replacement surgery in the future and possibly have one scheduled. Maybe I can give them some idea what they will go through. I KNOW we are all different so anyone's surgery and rehab WILL BE different.

With the release of the Apple iPhone 11's the other day, commercials are being swamped with advertising about the new phone and cameras the different models have. From all the reviews I have read that is about the only difference, is the cameras. So this morning I decided it was going to be iPhone photo day just to remind myself how good the quality is for the iPhone 8+.

I am undecided as of this afternoon if I am going to upgrade my phone but I definitely will my watch. Like I said, unless you have the cellular function on your watch it is almost worthless in an emergency situation if your phone is not nearby. With not many differences between the Series 4 and 5, I may stick to the Series 4 and just trade it for one that has cellular function. Luckily my dog sitter brought my phone to the hospital that Saturday and I was THEN able to provide them with all the names and phone numbers they needed.

With my followup appointment scheduled for Tuesday morning I wanted to take one more close look at the incision. Since the swelling is going down daily I can see more than I did previous times. What a shock it was to see one of the finest healing jobs I have seen. There are definitely no staples to take out and unless he used sutures that dissolve, I don't see any stitches at all. Just surgical tape over the incision which is already close to being healed.

With the lack of pain in the hip and the clean surgical incision I can tell he was very precise in his work and had great attention to detail.

With a forecast of highest temps in the 70's and lows in the 50's, it's perfect weather here in the Southwest. It would be perfect weather for bicycling riding too.

Stella stood there a little after 7am, scoping out the yard for any snakes, scorpions or other critters that might be in her yard. We have yet to see any of those in the yard or anywhere else, after living here 3 months and 10 days.

First thing in the morning I could tell during the stretching exercises I was going further than yesterday. I kept the walker on the floor and in front of me but I was walking a normal stride down the hallway at normal speed. Again I did do a little walking along the kitchen counters without the walker and I am not quite there yet for fulltime walking without it. I expect another week or two using the walker based on information I have read.

Stella enjoys a short nap before breakfast is served. Normally this would be the time I would be drinking coffee before our daily walk. She will be happy to get back those I am sure and I have an idea that those walks well be very good for me as well.

The photos were not edited today.

I wanted to see what that green tree looked like if I used 2x zoom.

She was snoring in that photo.

These photos show what amount of exercise the hounds get on any normal afternoon, 7 days per week ... they don't deviate much from their routine.

By mid day my right leg was almost back to normal size but the ankle and foot were still swollen a little bit. With the grabber I could only pull my tight compression sock half way up my foot so I called for assistance. Otherwise with help of the grabber I can dress myself.

I am a little excited to hear what the surgeon has to say tomorrow. I feel like I am ahead of schedule in healing but I am not sure I am good enough yet to slide into my cars. Just a little too high and any twisting or tweaking of that new hip ball joint is NOT a good thing. I don't expect to have any chance to drive until September 28.

I am going to post this early today. Not much more will be going on between now and tonight. I might try to read a little for the first time and I'll watch a little football tonight but nothing more. For the third day in a row I only walked when I needed to do something here in the house without any walking up and down the hallway or from the front to the back of the house for a workout.

I will find out tomorrow what the next plan of action will be.

Another beautiful day here in the Wild West.

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