September 09, 2019

Unexpected Hip Replacement

I will not go into anymore details than this. Some readers already know that happened and how. I will not be blogging for a while, very few photos .... I will be spending my time learning how to walk again.
  • Saturday morning around 8:30 am I had wreck on my bicycle making a slow (4-5 mph) right hand turn.
    • tires slip in loose small pebbles, sand and I fall directly on my right hip
    • happened so fast I could not break the fall with my hands
    • did not hit my head
    • bike in perfect condition
  • 5 people were there to help me before I knew what happened.
  • They talked me into (demanded) THEY call 911 and I would at least get x-rays.
  • X-rays showed I broke my hip at the top of femur
  • Sunday morning 7am - surgery for hip replacement
  • Monday morning started walking with walker, learning how to sit, get up, lay in bed
  • Monday afternoon at 4pm was released and my neighbor brought me home.
    • He and two other took care of the dogs filling in the gaps of time.
  • Hounds were great, knew I was hurt and did nor run, jump on me or brush me
    • No damage in the house anywhere
    • Ate their meals on time and water consumption was normal.
  • Follow up appointment with surgeon in 2 weeks.
    • PT for knee replacements but not for hip replacements ... except to keep walking.
    • No walking the hounds of course.
    • I cannot bend over 90° so the friends will continue to feed the hounds and walk them.
    • No crossing legs or feet at the ankles.
  • 3-6 weeks before I can drive
  • 1-2 months before I can do any kind of cycling.
I feel good with the only real pain (not bad) being the abrasion, hip feels great.

It's nice to be home in the Wild West.

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