November 07, 2016

Hounds Refuse Leaf Duty

With plans to replenish the food supply while the leaves dried from the morning dew, then raking and burning them in the afternoon ... I knew it was going to be a busy day and one where I would probably need supervision.

Before either of those two tasks were started I decided to get the first walk in around 9:30am (new time). Is anyone else looking at the clocks now and automatically adding an hour to tell yourself what the real time should be? Except those people in Hawaii and Arizona. Well I am .... I got up too early so I knew the day had not lined up correctly with the moon and stars for today's leaf project.

As usual the hounds took off and as usual when I lose an hour sleep my pictures are not the sharpest or the clearest ... so a few of the pictures I took and would have included in this post, didn't make it out of the editing room.

It's beginning to bother me that Stella has decided she would rather eat everything in the field instead of getting her running in. She was even scratching at a fresh pile of mud in hopes of finding some dry powered dirt to eat ... Remember when I told you the day had not lined up correctly, this is a sign.

While Sadie moved along the back edge of the field alone, I had to go back and talk Stella into moving away from the 'feast of the day' and join us. She has almost won "The Most Stubborn Hound I've Every Owned Award".

She sprinted up to Sadie, more or less running away from my lecture.

She then turned right around and headed for her 'no fly zone' and ignored me while Sadie and I continued home.

I decided I'd take a seat and let the hounds come home at their own speed. It was slow and slower ... I reminded myself once again that the day was not lined up to be a smooth one ... so be aware.

Not only in this field but on my way to the store I saw another farmer doing the same technique to his field. I can't remember ever seeing them do this to prepare their field for the winters. They might disc some but this has large rakes moving through the dirt instead of plowing.

I'm a little late posting tonight but the leaves I raked in the front yard, the north side yard and along the fence line kicked my ass today. I ended up taking a short siesta for a couple of hours after raking and still did not feel any better. It's amazing what the movement of raking leaves can do as far as a good exercise.

Rain is forecasted for tomorrow, so the few leaves I have left in the back will take a couple of days to dry out and I should be able to finish on Thursday, unless the weatherman is wrong with this prediction. I need a day off so I am hoping for a little rain.

I almost forgot to tell you the store of the hounds revolting against the Leaf Project 2016. Last year I had the team to supervise if you remember. Click here to see the supervision team. Heidi of coarse refused for the 2nd year in a row but did spend time outside today roaming both the front and back yards.

They didn't stay nearby while I raked. Instead of enjoying the 7 acres behind them in the field, that wasn't good enough for them either. The hounds can't see that well but they did notice the neighbor had hung her clothes out on the line to dry. There they went, slowly sneaking off while I raked the leaves. She was not outside but they had to approve her work instead of supervising mine.

That left me no choice but to put them inside while I raked the front yard. Otherwise they bark and howl if I tether them in the back while I am in the front. I can only assume with the lack of leadership from Winston this year, The Leaf Project Team 2016 was not a true team effort and a total failure.

Otherwise ... another great day in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.

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