November 20, 2016

Sunday's Crisp Weather

This is the 2nd post of the day. I had too many pictures to put in just one post and in fact there might be too many pictures for this post.

Looking at Wunderground, it showed it was 30° when we were ready for our first walk of the day. I pulled out my 20 year old Mountain Wear down jacket w/hood and some The North Face gloves. As usual Sadie grabbed my left hand with her mouth to help me get started on the walk.

Both were really excited to get started for Sunday morning walk and took off. You'll notice the frost on the ground. Not as bad as the weather hundreds of miles north of us.

The skies were clear, the temperature was cold and no wind. It's going to be a great day.

They moved so fast this morning I was sure they were going to head around the first turn without waiting for me. It was the fastest I've seen them take off ... I couldn't remember the last time they got this far ahead of me.

Stella at her normal first stop.

Sadie sees something or smells something ... then took off around the first turn.

Stella was very active, moving in different directions. Before I could take a picture of Sadie and then turn back to take another plus check on Stella ... she came sprinting around me.

No stopping for Stella this morning ... she had to catch up with Sadie to prevent her from getting something she could have.

At this time I thought I'd be able to join them in the far right corner but that was not the case. Things got real interesting before I could even make that corner where they turn.

Sadie took off along the back edge of the field ... running ... and nose to the ground.

With Stella stayed back at the corner I now had a problem with both in opposite directions. Sadie was still highly excited with the scent she had found and was running ... Stella was hanging back. I had to turn my head in both directions to keep track of them.

It's hard to catch with the camera but at this point Sadie was still running along the edge of the field.

She was up by the cornfield, near the high power tower and I was pretty sure she was headed for their 'no-fly' zone. Stella was still back at the corner and I was not even near the back of the field.

I turned to check to see what Stella was doing and when I turned back around to see Sadie ... she was gone !!! Just like I thought she would be.

Sadie has always been good when running out of view. She does not run away and will come back to check to see where I am. Stella would take off in the same situation.

I turned to check Stella and take a picture and by the time I could do that she was already halfway down the back edge of the field, sprinting toward Sadie. I was still not close to the back of the field. I was taking all of these pictures with my zoom lens out to 200mm.

When I saw them in this position, I knew both of them were taking off and and out sight.

As I continued to yell at them to come back, they both were off out of sight. About the time I thought I'd be waking toward that direction to find them, the both came running over the hill toward me.

Evidently they had all the excitement they needed to satisfy their nose. They ran past me like I wasn't even there and headed down the path toward home.

But just because they might follow that path, doesn't mean they will follow that path all the way home and they might take a few detours along the way.

That is what happened today ... they took their own slow time to get home.

After they declared their walk officially over, they both headed to their favorite spots in the house, for a short nap before they eat lunch. Even with some NFL games today, we will still get out for another walk or two.

It's cold but it's really a great day here in 'the tropics' in southern Indiana.

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