November 17, 2016

Unbelievable Weather - The Hounds Love It

Stepped outside this morning in cargo shorts and a t-shirt and knew immediately it was going to be a great day. Like I said yesterday we have two days of 70's before dropping to the 40's as high temps.

Things I wanted to do is moving right on schedule, with my plan today is to get in three walks for the hounds, get up on the roof with my leaf blower and blow out the gutters and enjoy the late afternoon's weather. Hard to believe it was already Thursday.

This is part of the bank I burned yesterday. It may have looked dry and and an easy burn but it wasn't. The fire did not burn hot, did not burn everything so I'll wait until next March/April until I burn the rest of the bank heading toward the highway.

Today's morning walk was much much different than yesterday's walk. First we took off before lunch was served. Second both hounds finished their free range walk and came back to the house without me having to go out and find them.

Here is a little bit of fall leaves still hanging on.

Stella had plenty of time to check out different areas like always but there were a few times, not many, where I had to say "come on". She and Sadie spent most of the walk fairly close to each other. Actually they spent most of the walk ahead of me and my camera.

They took off around the first corner. I thought they were headed to yesterday's 'scene of the crime' but they stopped in their normal spots.

Without saying a word, both hounds followed that deer path you see that is worn and turned right to head for their favorite corner.

I can't remember what I was saying when Sadie gave me this look.

A high speed turn with ears flying.

Along the back edge of the field, they both seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere. I thought they were headed to the 'no fly zone' but they stopped and then turned with me to head home.

Since they cut the field the 2nd time this year I can tell the whole field is mostly grass growing back without any signs of weeds or ragweed showing up. Granted it's the fall and not the time for that stuff to grow but this field will have a good start of grass next spring.

Stella trots to keep up and showed no signs of wanting to hang back and leave Stella and I.

Stella had to turn left and check one final thing out before heading for home. After a short break before feeding them lunch where they decided by their howling and barking when they would eat, they were soon asleep for their afternoon siestas.

I like that I cut the yard one level lower for the winter. I'll put some Scott's Winter Fertilizer on tomorrow late in the day right before it rains. It should be no problem for the hounds.

Off to the roof with my leaf blower ... weather is great here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.

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