November 09, 2016

The Hounds Survive Election Night

When I left you yesterday I thought the excitement of the day would be finishing the Leaf Project 2016. What little did I know eh?

With calm winds, if any at all, I got an early start on finishing my leaf project for this fall. By 12:15pm I was finished, body a little sore  ... plus some help by the two bloodhounds.

I didn't get photos of their help because every time I stopped to get my camera, they would get up and follow me. Where where they getting up from? Stella loves to lay IN THE LEAVES that I raked in a row across the yard. The Sadie decided that was a good idea so she would lay next to Stella.

This shows the finished product but even with trees above with no leaves, there will be some large leaves blow into this clean are from the tall sycamore tree by the driveway.

This is all the leaves I have left.

I've stated before I am not into politics but a sports junkie ... yet, last night I was mesmerized watching the election results. In fact I had to force myself to go to bed even after they declared a winner ... I was up until 4am watching the post election analysis.

After a short few hours of sleep, I fed the hounds breakfast at their normal time, and by 9:15am ... we were outside in 50° weather getting our first pictures of the day.

A normal start of the day for them and me. Yet I was pretty tired from staying up that late.

 Stella did not stay long and sprinted back to the house on her own ... they went back to sleep almost immediately.

While watching even more political analysis this morning I saw a line of traffic stopped out the window. I heard some equipment and glanced outside to see the highway department sealing the cracks in the highway before those cold winter temperatures arrive.

I wanted to make sure that not only the highway workers moved down the highway out of view but also that line of traffic, so when the hounds went outside for the walk there would be nothing new and nothing interesting for them to take off to investigate ... toward the highway.

Even after two cups of coffee I still must have been a little asleep. Although I was wearing a thin down coat over a sweatshirt ... I saw I was wearing cargo shorts and had forgot to change into my hiking boots to keep my feet try. I survived.

A new pile of powered dirt .. is a mole doing this? Luckily it's in the field and not my back yard.

All three hounds didn't have any more interest in the election than they do watching sports. Stella spent the night in the "big chair" and ottoman sleeping. Heidi laid curled up next to me in the middle of the couch sleeping with Stella on the far left side of the couch also sleeping until 4am.

With the cooler temps I was glad to see that Stella moved and followed us instead of me having to talk her into leaving her spot of natural protein.

Sadie was running all of the place, enjoying her exploration.

Stella got a little running in and her normal nose activity. She was more obedient than she normally is and that was a nice surprise at 51°.

Another new pile of powered dirt that Stella loves eating ... as does Sadie at times.

Both hounds heading home.

Stella sniffs her way through the end of the walk to the house. Not a bad walk for all of us after being up until 4am.

The afternoon walk will most likely be without a camera and taking my retractable leash to use for Stella ONLY IF she decides to go into a very stubborn mode. Sometimes I only have to hold it up and show it to her to get her to come running ... lol

On September 7 I switched immediately to a Vegan Diet after more reading. Since that date I have lost 17 pounds, 5mm of fat off the sides of my waist, size 34 jeans are fitting loose after going from a 36 waist. The urges for candy, soda, fast foods, etc are almost zero and when they do show up it's been easy for me to get through them.

Even though many in the USA are unhappy today ... all is good here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.

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