February 02, 2019

A Strange Feel Today

Just because the temperatures were warming up, that did not mean the hounds would lose any sleep. They were back in their afternoon mode of sleeping right after lunch and were not interested in any kind of outdoor activity Friday afternoon as you will see in the photos below.
Friday was going to be a day for melting ice. There was a lot of ice everywhere, in places not suspected and then more. I helped the process on this storm door as soon as the hounds  came back inside. With a metal multi-purpose tool similar to a putty knife I chipped away and moved the ice out of the bottom track of the door so the drain holes would not be plugged up. Anywhere I saw ice I scrapped of the surface of what I found it on.
Stella made it out to the field do to her thing but came directly back to the house after lunch. Even with a nice day around noon, she wanted to go back to sleep. It was much warmer than the previous 24 hours but still had a little freeze to the air.
The last of the snow was trying to hang on anyway possible. Any snow not in the sunshine stayed for most of the afternoon but by Friday night at sunset all the snow was gone.
Heidi did a slow lap around the house Friday and I could tell she was happy to be outside longer than just a couple of minutes. Sprinting was not part of her walk today. She had a lot of scent to catch up on and took her time doing it
Her coat is the softest and smoothest I have ever felt in the 8 years she has lived here. I don't see a lot of skin irritations this winter, so who knows where her allergies are this year. It's good to see her no longer licking her legs or paws into raw spots of skin like last month.
Once they decide they want to go inside there is no way you are going to change their mind. They will not move from there until I open the door.
This morning was a different story. I always feel a little off track when I wake up past 8am. The daily two cups of coffee didn't help and it almost felt like I was suspended in time while I sat reading all of my internet information that had dumped into my Feedly and Flipboard accounts. I had nothing planned for today because I did all kinds of stuff yesterday as far as domesticated home tasks.

For some reason this year I am not watching the normal amount of college basketball I have in the past nor do I have the interest having the games playing on tv in the background. That is really strange if you knew me.
It is one of those times I have zero motivation to do anything different and no idea what I want to do even if I was motivated. I guess I'll ride the wave of the day and see what happens with no expectations. That is usually the best way to get through this kind of feeling.
I mentioned yesterday on the morning walk Stella wasn't doing too much and followed the path. There didn't seem to be a lot of scent for her to check out Friday morning but this morning made up for that lack of scent. Her nose was in overdrive this morning and the walk had a feeling that we might take an hour to finish at the rate she was going.

It didn't come close to that length of time because of my verbal herding, as I call it. I must have said "come on" a million times within the 18 minutes we were gone. She ignored all of them, except for a couple.
The last of the snow was still hanging on this morning at 29° but it won't last as the temps climb to 50° later this afternoon.
As you can see Stella was taking her time and I didn't have much choice but to stand around looking at the sky, the tops of trees, down into the gully, on the horizon and really anything while she collected and filed all of the data she was finding. She wasn't eating deer scat this morning ... just smelling everywhere.
She thought long and hard about heading to the far right corner of the field. I could see fresh deer tracks in the frozen grass. I was even going to let her go that direction and follow her if she chose to but to my surprise she turned back on the path.
Sounds of geese or ducks could be heard but she wasn't looking in the same direction as I heard them. I am not sure what got her attention.
Back to the job at hand ... tracking scent.
While my fleece lined Wranglers went round and round in my dryer back home, I could feel the difference with a plain pair of jeans on. Much colder but nothing that was extreme. I layered a couple of all season light weight jackets instead of the down parka and it turned into a nice Saturday morning walk, as Stella shows us.
Something this high on the tree can only mean squirrel traffic, I assume
As I walked toward the house, she wasn't finished exploring.<
Funny how she made a right 90° turn in the middle of the yard so she could finish her walk next to the house. That has been her routine the past few weeks whenever we walk into the north part of the yard at the end of our walk.

The morning continues its strangeness as WordPress will not load the last photo I wanted to use due to some sort of error on the upload. I've tried different times with the same results.

For some reason yesterday I found that after Firefox's latest update it played well with the WordPress redesigned dashboard and used very little data. In fact it worked well with all websites and I only used 350Mb for the day. So many of the sports sites I read use a lot of data even with the app to block automatic videos from playing, so it was good to see a number that low when I turned off the computer at 12:36am.

I noticed on my monthly weigh-in on the first of the month I am lost a pound a week in January. All my carbs yesterday were all from two pears, a banana, one mango and the two tsp of sugar for my coffee. Around 145 grams of carbs just from that and I refuse to quit eating good fruit just to cut my carb intake.

Where I started out strong on this blog December 9th blogging two or three times per day, lately the words are hard to find. Maybe it was the recent weather combined with less time outside or perhaps it's a period of time where my brain has settled down a little. At least I have no urges to change the template of the blog ... LOL.

It's a nice Saturday here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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