February 14, 2019

Some Days It's Not There

I don't dare miss lunch time otherwise I will hear Heidi barking nonstop, that leads to Stella howling, until their lunch is served .... straight kibble. That was yesterday not today and there was a reason I didn't post these next photos last night ... the feeling to blog just wasn't there. That feeling shows up out of nowhere and is strong enough to last multiple days. Even now I can't say I have much to say nor do I feel like putting this together.
Where it was cold and sunny yesterday, by 11:30am today it was 47° and overcast. Lunch was served before they knew it, no howling nor barking was needed. In fact I had to wake up Heidi to eat lunch.

It is quite different than just two months ago after moving my main blog over to WordPress. Then I couldn't stop blogging and some days I blogged three times in one day. Then today, I have a hard time just putting a sentence together.
I think it might be caused by a combination of things. Nothing is clear enough to discuss.
If you don't see us for a few days that is where we are .... same routine, same walks. I'll continue reading books and taking siestas.

No answers today in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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