April 12, 2024

Watson Grooms Ava

I snapped off 13 photos of Watson grooming Ava around lunch time. With the rain unexpectedly returning there wasn't a lot of photos taken this morning. As you will see in the end, it has been a pretty relaxing day and the hounds and the dogs decided to call it a day today right after their lunch.

There was a lot of snoring going on here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana today. 


  1. I love your last photo. Your pups are so uniquely different. Looks so peaceful !

    1. I was thinking about that last night while I looked at them. "How did I ever end up adding an English Bulldog and now a German Shepherd after 33 years of just having hounds?? They are all pretty laidback and I am happy to see Ava not barking at the fence when people walk up to her like Watson did at the same age, 12 weeks.