April 22, 2024

Perfect Weather For The Hounds & Dogs

Perfect weather today for the hounds, dogs and I. They played most of the morning while I rested horizontally most of the morning. Not sure why but I am dragging in the mornings any more. Coffee isn't helping so I will have to change to a different brand. Mowed the yard again, which happens about every four days this time of year. No plans tonight but watching a little of the Reds game. The scheduled starting pitcher drives me insane so I may be moving to a book or a movie soon after the game starts.

That is a real deer bone that came with Ava. It had been missing for a few days but was found under the living room couch today. She takes it with her outside and back inside. She had another fine day for a puppy.

Walter flat out refused any photos taken of him today yet he seemed to be in a pretty feisty mood with the pup this morning. I noticed that Ava is now slightly taller than Walter.

A cool evening scheduled tonight in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana.


  1. Some nice pictures of the crew sitting out in the sun . Watson looks serious today !

    1. Watson was pretty laidback today. He took naps when I did. I think Ava wore him out from their morning running outside.