April 21, 2024

Saturday Night Live

Saturday morning started off sunny but cold, around 40°. Normal morning routine. A trip to the grocery store gave Ava a chance to prove to me she was good on the loose with the other hounds and dog. She passed the test in flying colors. She continues to do well in her day to day living. Sunday will be interesting as I attempt to cut her nails for the first time ever. She has no problem letting me hold her feet or touch her pads so things should go well.

If they are sleeping in the great room while I watch a game or eat in the kitchen, they will follow me to the computer room and go right back to sleep while I am there As you can see Saturday night was loaded with excitement with the features being Reds baseball game and after the game I watched the movie A Few Good Men. When I tell Ava to "go to bed" in the great room she will run to the bedroom and get on her dog bed. Hard to believe.

Ava does NOT bark at the neighbor like Watson still does. There is something he does not like about her as the hair on his back raises along his spine every time. Ava will sit at the fence quietly and watch the neighbor mowing the yard. She will also go to the door to be let out after she wakes up from a sleep or the times I tell her to go outside. She sprints for the yard, does her thing and runs back to the patio door.

It was a little cool in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana yesterday.


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    1. I just saw your comment Barney today the 23rd. Someway it ended up in the Blogger Spam folder.

  2. Ava is such a good pup and gets along with the crew. You picked a winner !

    1. She is the leader today getting all of them to play. Figured out how to bark at them. I have picked a winner. 8 week old puppies since 1987 and she is by far the easiest to live with.