April 21, 2024

A Cold April Sunday

You can see what kind of day we had just by Watson's photo. The low 50s might have been their preferred temperature but not mine. I anxiously wait for next weekend where the highs will be back in the 80s. Now the hounds and puppy did not sleep most of the day like Walter did. Ava was the leader of the pack in playing outside. They chased each other all over the yard and inside, tugged on bones they didn't want to share, crawled on each other and watched the other next door neighbor mow their yard today. They are all sleeping in the computer room as I write this after their very active day.

Ava seems more at home as each day passes. She knows where she is, knows where everything is and what she is allowed to get into and things she is not. The German Shepherd puppy is so much different than a Bloodhound puppy or Basset Hound puppy ... they do NOT find things I can't and then drag them out for all to see. She is not an intense explorer like Watson and Henry were.

Henry knows when to kick back and enjoy the sun and weather. Yet he will play with the pup full speed, letting her climb all over him, chew his ears, pull on them without any response.

Not sure if these next two pictures will show it on the blog but the trees had a crystal edge to them from the sun's reflection. 

These two are pretty good friends. Watson has taken back his dog bed this week but the times I get up during the night, she is sleeping on a blanket right next to his bed. He has taught her well about the feeding and napping process.

Any suggestions for covering or making that septic tank cap a little more hidden. 

Ava is not alarmed by the gunshots heard at the shooting range a mile or so away. It is not a busy range luckily. She is also not concerned about thunder or lightning or any kind of unexpected neighborhood noise. She is not hyper and seems much older than just 13 weeks old. (3 months).

I should have moved this pot inside during the winters. The last three winters have been hard on it. 

This is Ava's reaction or lack thereof, when I heard the German Shepherd three houses away, barking. He is not a pup but not older and seems to bark a lot more than what I have seen from Ava so far. Will her barking change as she gets older? I would think if it would, she would be barking at my neighbors when she sees them but she doesn't. She will sit at the fence and watch them.

Walter always wakes up when I have the camera or phone in my hand to take his picture. This is his new spot to sleep in the computer room. He spends a lot of time there snoring throughout the day. He was playing early this morning with Ava for the second morning in a row.

That is about all that took place today. Too cold for me to pull weeds, or at least that was my excuse. I watched the Reds win and took a short siesta. I have changed my diet a little for the better I believe. I have added more fruit and veggies back into my kitchen. Less beef, more fish.

I have tracked diet macros and grams of fat, protein and carbs for years. It is pretty interesting that it does not matter what I eat the total calorie average per day stays the same. Only the other macros change based on my meal plan. Indigestion is the key factor in what I eat. Analysis always seems to show me the best food for me to eat to eliminate that, is from a book called The Blood Type Diet, written in the 1990's. 

A couple of the shows I follow on Apple TV have new episodes so I will watch them right after I post this. One is the capture of John Wilkes Booth. I will also start a new show about Ben Franklin played by Michael Douglas. 

With the warmer temps next week I hope to get back to riding my bike outside of town or on the city bike path for the first time this year. I can handle morning temps in the high 60s but find it very hard to bundle up and ride outside when it's in the 40s.

Another quiet sunny Sunday in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana. A great place to live.

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