January 19, 2024

Unexpected Snow & Old Photos

After the 'heat wave' we had where it got up into the 20s, I knew we were headed for another cold spell but I didn't expect any snow. I was up late last night, let the hounds out for their last trip outside late and didn't see any snow. When I opened the patio door this morning a blast of freezing wind hit me head on and later I see this ... snow. Some old photos in this post.

January 15, 2024

Only Cold Outside Not Inside

First of all I know my weather the past few days and today is nothing like others are experiencing and I am very grateful for that. It's normal winter weather. It's been going on for as long as I can remember and in fact when I was growing up winters were much worse. (No, I did not have to walk to school in 4' of snow). 

Like most forecasts for where I live, whether winter or thunderstorms, or tornado warnings ... things never turn out as bad as predicted. So when I saw the forecast the other day I still prepared things for that but it's not as bad as they said it would be. 

I am not saying I am a fan of this kind of weather. In fact last night during a commercial of the NFL Playoff game I caught myself saying, "only a month and a half, 45 days, until March 1st". But who counts days until spring?

It has been a couple of weeks since my last post. Nothing is changed much since we don't do a lot during the winter months but stay inside and watch ballgames, read books, take naps and a movie or two fit in. Twitter (X) keeps me updated with all the news stuff and I must say I have enjoyed my return to Facebook.

January 05, 2024

8 Years Ago Today

Hard to believe it has been 8 years already, it seems just like yesterday. Since 1987 I have had a lot of basset hounds and love(d) all of them just as much as the other ones ... but Winston was special and putting him down 8 years ago today tore my heart out.

Needless to say, it took a long time for things to get back to normal for me. Now some people will say and have told me losing a dog means nothing to those hounds that are left in the house. I can only go on what I have seen over the years when I leave with one and they don't come back home, then how the hounds and dog that are left act or respond.

So maybe it is just me wanting them to feel the same way I do and actually they do not miss them or know what happens. But the photos in this next link about my day after, make it hard to believe that Sadie and Stella didn't feel something.

No matter what, it was and is the hardest part of hound or dog ownership but they are never forgotten. He loved riding in the truck, the VW van or anything that had wheels. He loved the field up north in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana. He liked taking naps under the sun and doing everything at his own pace.

You can also read about him from the page I posted at the top of the blog Winston's Story.

It is still a good day in 'the topics' of Southern Indiana today ... Walter, Watson and Henry will see to that. 

January 04, 2024

Hounds Dog & I Survive New Year's

I got the new wireless Harman Kardon speaker to work, but not through the tv. I used an app on my phone to listen to a ballgame the other night and used the speaker paired with the phone. Works very well. Since the hounds and dog are out of the puppy chewing stage I am going to replace my coffee table and end table where they (I think Walter) chewed the corners bad enough I am not sure I personally can repair them. As you will see, we didn't do much on New Year's Eve but we were up past midnight this year ... I didn't say awake, just up.

December 29, 2023

Two Coyotes Are In The Neighborhood

Not a lot went on over Christmas. A LOT of reading and studying what I was reading. Of course the hounds and the dog kept me busy being their 'doorman'. Walter, after three years, has started barking when he wants to go outside or come back inside. They sleep as I watch movies or documentaries on Amazon Video or Peacock. Amazon has notified me and millions of other people that at the end of January we will have to pay $2.99 per month more to escape commercials. I will get to expenses for normal stuff later with some surprising results. Watson will sit like that a lot and at times will even lay his head on the top of the love seat and sleep.

December 23, 2023

Merry Christmas


The hounds, dog and I wish you a Merry Christmas from "the tropics" of Southern Indiana.

December 16, 2023

Kodak Slide Scanner Works!!

Warning: Lots of photos and story telling involved.

If you remember last week I received my missing Kodak Slide Scanner but there were two issues that made it inoperable. The SD card would not lock in the slot which is needed to save the photos to that are converted from slides or negatives. Photos from that SD card are then transferred to your computer or TV screen, your choice. It also would not work once plugged into three different computers. I took it back for a refund, then ordered another one. I did not want to ship it to my house but to ship to the Best Buy store where I could pick it up. They texted two days earlier than planned for me to pick it up.

December 10, 2023

It's Been A Hectic Week

I guess it is this type of weather that leads me to blogging. Although the weather has been great with normal December temperatures with lows in the 30s at night and most days in the mid 50s. Yesterday it did reach 63° before the thunderstorm blew through. Nothing like what happened late afternoon NE of Nashville TN thankfully.

I can't say we have been doing anything different than normal activity. I have even gone back through this blog, and my private blog I keep, to see just how similar things have been year after year this time of year. I can go back nine to ten years and not see much difference really. Although "the crew" has changed. 

December 02, 2023

I Moved To Fiber Internet

Scrolling through photos on my iPad last weekend I ran onto this photo of Stella just after we had moved to Arizona in June 2019. I can tell it was soon after because there was no coffee table in the photo and the new rug had not totally flattened out yet. I miss that big old bloodhound.

November 16, 2023

A Local Country Drive

Some long time readers might remember this 2010 FJ that I bought in June of 2021, soon after I moved here. I traded it in for a 2019 Silver 4Runner TRD Off Road that following fall and the 4Runner was the ONLY REASON I got rid of it. It already had the rock rails and the kind of wheels I like. Well strange things happen in the world of cars/trucks online ... I found it a few weeks ago on cars.com and my brain cells went to work. LOL