September 13, 2015

Some Photos Of The Daily Walk On Sunday

This is the second post of today. The post for earlier today is below this one. I decided to split the photos of the walk into it's own blog post, which is this one.

It was kind of between football games. The games that started at 1pm eastern time were close to being over or you could tell by the scores of some that you knew who the winner would be. I decided it was time to get outside and enjoy the weather with a nice hound walk.

I thought I'd take the iPhone and see what kind of photos I could get walking two hounds on retractable leashes and Sadie would walk leash free. Heidi is having a bad skin day today and didn't take the walk.

These first photos were right before the first group of games at 1pm. I think Winston could have stayed in that spot all day, after he finished a little exploring.

Here is Heidi from today a little after 12pm. Nothing changed in her food or treats, clean blanket and the house windows open to enjoy the cool breeze with the temperature at 70°. She will be getting an Epsom Salt soak and shampoo early Monday morning.

The rest are photos from our walk. Some of these have a weird angle but I was having to hold two retractable leashes with one hand and the iPhone in the other hand.

Winston Is In The Trailing Position

Stella On Leash - Sadie Running Free

Stella Hears A Tractor Starting

Starting The Return Trip Home

It's been a beautiful day in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana.

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