February 13, 2017

A Great Winter So Far

I know it's still early in the winter but I have to say that this winter has been mild here in 'the tropics'. We haven't had any snow to speak of. Ground cover does not count.

I look out ten days on the forecast and I am seeing 4 days this week in the high 60s. That gets us close to the end of February.

Now there is still a chance for all hell to break lose with snow blizzards but that did not happen last year either. We missed all the storms north of us. I do remember in the past wearing t-shirt and shorts on the 7th of March and I can remember the blizzard was so bad they declared a state of emergency the 23rd of March .... in different years, if not decades.

In the meantime the temps are swinging back and forth between the 20s and the 60s, with this morning starting at 28°. Over the weekend it was nice enough for the hounds and I to spend a lot of time outside. They explored while I picked up every stick or tree limb blown into the yard this winter.

Stella continues her new routine of following Sadie and I on our walks. Those times where she might decide to hang back, if I even mention the leash, she starts walking to me. In some cases she acts like I have attached a leash to her.

It was sunny and crisp on this morning's walk. Light frost covered the leaves and grass. It wasn't bad even though it was about 25° colder than yesterday during this time.

Both hounds were on their own but stayed pretty well in the vicinity of my path.

While I walked they both explored. When I called their names they came running.

Yet, there is always something on their way that causes them to stop and further investigate.

I was able to pick up every stick or twig that I could see on Saturday. There was not as many as last year and so far this burn pile has been the smallest I have seen since living here. Usually by the spring it's 3' to 4' high.

When I asked Heidi if she wanted to join us on our afternoon walk, she hopped off the bed and ran to the door. She didn't want to go on the walk though, she wanted to check out the front yard and the slowly walk up the driveway.

A little after noon I thought the hounds might want to walk. It was beautiful outside and in the mid 40s. I thought it was odd that as we walked outside Sadie was not doing her normal 'happy dance' and both hounds barely moved around the backyard.

Had I interrupted their siestas? Could it be possible the hounds were not that interested in taking a mid-day walk? We went about 50' and turned around. They came inside and went back to the spots I woke them up in and went back to sleep. Unbelievable.

The rest of the afternoon was just as quiet. We made a few short trips outside to enjoy the weather, check the mail and look at both engine compartments of each car. Last winter I found a mice nest in the engine compartment of the Mini Cooper S I had.

Sadie decided it was time for the 2nd walk of the day and off we went.

I think you can see Stella's walk was pretty exciting. It fits her personality.

Of course as they search the field, they are only looking for one thing.

It's been a pretty lazy Monday really. I had no plans with a couple of hopes of some house work and possibly a load of laundry ... neither got done. There is always tomorrow when you are retired, no deadlines, no meetings ... it's perfect.

It was a beautiful day here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana today.

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