August 31, 2017

Feels Like A Friday -- It's Thursday

I guess you can call it my new routine ... normal computer, coffee, morning hound walk ... then 2-egg sandwich with tv news turned on since the hurricane hit SE Texas and then flooding in Houston. Luckily tonight the IU vs OSU game is on at 8pm ... college football is here !!!!

Sadie had a LOT of energy this morning and ran all over the field. She was having fun. Stella even showed more energy than normal. She followed out path until her normal spot in the back part of the field. I have stopped giving her buffered aspirin the past week to see what she do.

I need to make an effort to apply the K9 Klear on a regular basis because I think it helps and works on her 'elephant spots'.

With Sadie way behind us, Stella trotted out in front from the first corner to the spot on the right which is full of deer scat.

Here is Sadie doing some all out sprinting ...

She ran all the way out into the middle of the rear part of the field ... then sprinted over to me by the hay rolls.

It looks like Christopher took my suggestion to check out where the deer enter down into the wooded gully. I never hear his ATV but from this path that was not there yesterday afternoon, he made a lot of trips sometime this morning or late last night. Maybe he is setting up one of his field cameras.

Once Sadie saw where Stella was ... she took off running again ... she got a lot of running in this morning and is now asleep next to my chair right now.

I had to walk over again this morning to tug Stella's collar to get her to move.

This bee is alive and as deep inside the flower as possible.

By the time I got to the corner of the house, Stella was trotting home.

Then she stopped with Sadie ... I thought I might have to go back out into the field to get them.

But she trotted home when I called her name. She is now asleep next to Sadie behind my chair.

It's going to be another good day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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