August 20, 2017

We Continue To Hibernate

With the "Feels Like" temp above 90° before noon again today, our plans will not be any different from the past week. We do anything we need outside before 9:30am and our 2nd walk of the day occurs after 6pm. All the hounds agree with that while Heidi refuses to leave the air conditioning inside the house.

The way Stella took off running this morning you would have thought she would be leading the walk this morning but that wasn't the case. In fact after that sudden burst of energy in the first picture, she had barely moved by the time Sadie and I got back. Sadie was in the search mode this morning lagging way behind. She had to run half of the walk to catch up to me.

Stella is barely in the field just behind the house.

Sadie finishing her long run from the middle of the lower field to me back by the rolls of hay. She snuck up on me and I wasn't able to catch her running on camera.

Once she heard the mention Stella's name, she started looking for her but Stella was even out of view of the 200mm zoom lens.

During the walk I saw only two butterflies. A lot of their food source has dried up and died this past week. There are a few Butterfly Milkweed flowers still available.

I cut the last of the walk short when I saw where Stella was and started walking directly toward her. It was in line with my north property line pole. She did move as I walked passed her as if to follow me. When I didn't sense any hounds behind me I turned to see they were no longer moving. It was too hot by now to stand and wait so I had to go after both of them to get them to move.

Surviving the hot temps by spending most of their time in the shade of the Mahogany trees.

I spent some time at my local lake yesterday. The few camp sites they have were empty but well manicured and clean. Their RV lot was full but as I drove through the lot I didn't hear a lot, if any, generators or ACs running. I wonder how many are using their spot to store their trailers or RVs instead of camping?

I left the phone and camera in the FJ, rented a canoe for $10 and headed out for a couple of hours of exploration. It wasn't windy but there was a strong breeze to keep the hot temps off of me. It's nice having a lake nearby with easy access and it's never crowded.

The hounds will sleep off their afternoon inside the cool (almost cold) rooms.

Not much to report on here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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