August 12, 2017

Stella Had 8th Birthday Last Wednesday

I took this picture today of Stella and it turned out to be my all-time favorite picture of her. This look on her face is an accurate picture of her, fits her personality. I missed her 8th birthday last Wednesday and did not blog about it. She is only a couple of weeks away from celebrating her 2nd year living here.

I guess it comes with the breed, but she too destroyed a lot of my stuff when she had separation anxiety. She has not tore anything up since December 2016 during the times I go to the store or to Bloomington.

She has been kinda sick the past 6 months but has started to regain her lost weight. Plus her coat is getting soft again. She just ran this week for the first time since January. She use to run full speed all over the field. I mean a fast run. But no more.

When she could not jump into the back of the FJ a couple of weeks ago, I knew that my suspicion was correct ... her hips are sore and/or weak. She is a great bloodhound and just needed someone to put up with her destruction while she got better.

Her original owner finally told me what happened to Stella to cause her fear. I wrote about that here on the blog.

So she was 8 years old on August 9th.

She is a great great bloodhound.

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