August 18, 2017

It's Friday !!!

As if it makes any difference ... it's Friday. Years ago this use to be one of my favorite days of the week. Work was usually slow every other Friday since a lot of the government workers had the day off. I think today is one of those days because traffic is lighter than normal today. Not much planned today, just to enjoy the weather.

I let the hounds roll on their own today. I didn't have to yell and only called Stella a couple of times to get her to move in our direction. Sadie of course enjoyed being in the field.

I'd like to take Stella over to the vet today and get her weighed. Gets me out of the house and I'd like to see how much weight she has gained since April. She had gained 5 pounds the first month after that and I have a feeling that she has gained even more.

Another beautiful day today. For the first time I will not have to mow the yard after 7 days.

The neighbor is back from Texas. I am not sure if he drives or flies and then drives from the Indy airport. He might drive because he always arrives home after 1am. I saw him parked the other day when I had gotten up in the middle of the night to drink some water.

For some reason I feel much better today. I might even get some things done.

Two weeks until college football starts again. I can't wait. I cannot say that I am that excited about the NFL. I really don't like the pro player with the personal shows after a TD or just a normal play. Plus the protest against the national anthem totally pisses me off.

The B1G is showing basketball games this year on Friday nights ... what about the high school games? Also IU has only ONE home game on Saturday in the conference schedule. What is this all about ??  Money ....

I'm not bored today but I can't see much is going to happen.

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