December 10, 2018

Bloodhound Tracking

At least the sun was bright this morning when we started our morning walk. I was still doing some last minute additions to the blog sidebar and I thought any extra time past 8am might make it a little warmer. I was wrong, the thermometer needle never moved.

With the frozen grass crunching with each step I wondered how long it would be before Stella started showing signs of cold paws. She never did and acted as if it just another morning.
You probably notice there has been a lot of changes to this blog in the past 24 hours. Deciding which theme (template) to use took more time than ever. With each one tried I had to move the info widgets around to where I wanted them. It's not a surprise that there is not just one theme that does everything I would like.This current design is the best I found for what I want.
I thought when I started I'd go simple, less cluttered, and still maintain the ability to list a lot of posts with a thumbnail photo, and a date that I published the post. Since I really don't like having  a lot of links at the bottom of my page that leaves me with adding a sidebar. Yet if I didn't have that sidebar the photos would be larger in each post.For those readers that have migrated from Bhounds and Other Stuff you will see the list of blogs and websites on the sidebar in alphabetical order. That is much different than having the blog move to the top of the list based on the most recent post. I don' think that format can change on WordPress but I will continue to look to find out and make any adjustments that I can find. I figured that was better than not listing them.
Also some of the newer blog designs make it hard for some readers to find the links, a comment section or how to sign up to follow the blog. I like that style of blog but I have never been a fan of the drop down menu once I clicked those three dashes. The information I want is hidden.So I have exposed as much information as possible on the home page and those links will also follow you when you open the posts to read. If you have any problems finding something or something doesn't work right for you, let me know and I'll see if I can fix it or make changes.
Stella always lets me know I can take the morning or an afternoon walk at a slow pace. No land speed records are broke when Stella is in charge of the walk. She has taught me to 'throttle back' in the life of retirement.
I like the change to WordPress for blog designs and putting a blog together. One thing I am going to have to look into deeper is their new editor they are going to use because when I tried it I did not  find a way to load all the photos at one time, then write my content between them.I have found it much faster to write a blog post if I can inert all the photos at one time before I start writing. Otherwise I have to insert one photo at a time as I write. The photos will look better on this blog. That is something I talked about in January 2017 when I tried this as my main blog.
I have added some new blogs and websites on the sidebar. You will want to check out Retro Roxie if you are a fan of tv shows, music, in the 1960' and 1070's. I'll be adding her Jukebox to my sidebar later today. I started listening to that late Saturday night and couldn't stop. It has music from the 60's and 70's with over 100 songs to choose from.
About the time I thought my walk was over, I remember that it was not my walk but Stella's walk. She had decided she wasn't finished yet. That little path she is on is one of the main deer highways that passes by the corner of the yard and follows the north edge of the property all the way to the highway.
I guess she was trying to show me that she really is a 'tracker' and not a 'couch potato' bloodhound.Not much going on outside of the ordinary routine today. Heidi never came up for air while sleeping except the one time when lunch was served. She is not in the mood to have her photo taken today as she turns her head away from the camera each time I have tried to take one or two of her. At least it is bright and sunny today in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana at 30°.

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