December 17, 2018

It's Cold Outside !!!

I knew it was going to be colder than the past few mornings. My phone was telling me 29° but that puddle of water that was left in the carport floor had not frozen. Still it was cold but not bad. You can see that Heidi knows it's cold and this is the norm for her.

I'll discuss the process and surprise changing the blog to its new domain name at the end of this post. No one has to change anything if you have bookmarked or favored my blog site.
It is pictures like these where I wished I had a macro lens. Not quite clear enough, where a macro would show all of the small buds much sharper. Without much wind it wasn't bad starting the walk. Stella was making me feel a lot better. She was so much different this morning than yesterday. Like some suggested, maybe just a bad day when it comes to an aging back back.

She took off on the path instead of veering right into the 'land of the burrs'. As I started the walk I started thinking about my theme research last night. I couldn't resist the chance to change the theme I was using. Like anything else, everyone one has good features I like but not all the features I like.
Stella was too fast for me to catch her running. That is a definite improvement from yesterday morning and all day throughout the afternoon and night ... she was moving gingerly up until the time she went to bed last night.
These deer tracks were all over the field this morning. With the whitened field, heavy frost, they are so much easier to see. There was a lot of deer activity last night or early this morning before we made it outside.
Those deer tracks kept Stella pretty busy this morning from the start of our walk. Sadie would have been going insane this morning if she had this many deer tracks. I've said it before and I'll say it again, so much difference in personalities of the two bloodhounds. I have to continue to backtrack to get Stella moving in our direction. She will never hang back exploring then run to catch up with me.
Did she hear me mention anything about food? Nah ... I am not sure what she is trying to tell me. I had not said anything and was just walking toward the house. I'd give any amount of money in the world to know what goes through her mind sometimes.
At this point she was almost walking in slow motion, like she was sneaking up on me or trying to hide from me. She keeps a smile on my face daily with her personality and the different things she does during the day.
No worries, she is not mad about anything. She is just taking her time getting back to the house and that is a normal look of hers when her face is lowered. Skin gravity is always a problem with her.  LOL

For some reason I had the wrong idea about changing the domain name for this blog. I don't know if it was past experience of years ago or loss of memory. I had the impression that once that new domain name was pointed to this blog, then the older domain name that WordPress furnished me when I set up the blog on their free plan, would no longer work.\
Two things that I was not aware of definitely helped for a smooth transition. Unlike years ago, when I assigned a new domain to the blog I stayed where I was on WordPress .com. That also let them leave my old domain name to stay attached to my blog in the background so all of these domain name changes did not affect the reader. (you)\
If you list my blog on your blog sidebar, it is a different story because I also changed the title of this blog to match the domain name. It was also the title of my Blogger blog. I added a "B" to that title over there, which was appropriate because "Bhounds" can stand for (B)asset hound and (B)loodhound.

Why the blog site design change?
The main thing I wanted was the photos being as wide as the content. I wanted large photos for you to see when you read or scroll through the post. Although about half use tablets and phones to read the blog, there are those us still looking at the photos on a large monitor
The theme I was using to do that exact thing in November 2017 was no longer around. I remembered seeing
this designthe design from this morning, when I started this blog in November 2017. I remembered I could list the photos just like they are today and not the past week, without any manual adjustments after they were loaded.
After a little more work this afternoon I was able to find a theme much newer and offered the single column and the pictures the exact same width on the monitor as the design you saw this morning.

Another reason I was changing themes, my friend Contessa over at 5C's Que Pasa told me that she could not make a comment via her Google Account. Sure enough, the 'G' icon had disappeared in the comment section, so she could not sign in to comment. Another friend that blogs on Wordpress found the same thing when we looked in our Settings/Sharing. Google Plus was "unavailable." {Wordpress just sent me an email telling me they sent a comment with no issues and that 'G' icon is not there.} For those with google accounts, you do NOT have to log in to make a comment, just fill out your name, email and make the comment.

I am assuming that most of you know that use Google + it is shutting down in March 2019?

It turned out to be a very nice day, near 50° but the hounds wanted to do nothing but their normal afternoon routine .... sleep.

All is good here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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